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  1. I haven't skimmed through a lot of the comments, so I don't know if this was mentioned yet, but I highly recommend 'What Remains of Edith Finch'! It's such a beautiful game and only takes two hours at most to play through. However, I highly encourage anyone interested to mind the warnings for the game.

  2. It's the issue with most choice-based games, especially if choices are handled well. Once you know all the choices and consequences it's not interesting anymore.

  3. "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" definitely does not pack the same emotional gut punch it's designed to deliver on subsequent playthroughs. Either that or I deliberately numbed myself after finishing it the first time and feeling utterly drained from the ending.

    I would argue "System Shock 2" also qualifies. Even if SHODAN's presence is spoiled by the box art, the actual reveal of her role in the game still left me stunned and amazed the first time round due to how well the lead-up conceals it.

  4. The title is clickbait kinda. The games here say that you should play them only once because there isn't really anything else or is better only playing once. You can play them more than once.

  5. I think that title is badly worded – because "only work once" would mean you simply can't restart it, not that you just don't want to restart it because the sensation has worn off. And the only game I know that by design can only be played once because during playing it part by part deletes itself until you're forced to delete the last character yourself is Doki Doki Literature Club. There might be more out there, but none that I'm aware of. But what I'm saying is, your title would apply to Doki Doki Literature Club, but not to games that just don't feel like playing them again.

  6. OK death stranding is a game…I just wanted to try and play one time and I only played it one time…and I hate that I stayed to the end cause it was ever so annoying tripping over a rock or going through some time packages, the game to be the walking simulator or all simulators XD

  7. Every walking sim might fit on this list, but then again we also rewatch movies, right?
    But there was one game, that while I was playing made me sorry I can only experience it once: return of the obra dinn!
    A lot of gameplay is is your head, and if you have a good memory, you could just "solve" the game in 5 Minutes.

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