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Özel konuğum Michael Winslow’a çok teşekkürler! daha fazla Winslow …

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  1. as a sound engineer, I appreciate this so much, Dunk. nobody talks about this stuff but the soundmen, yet it's so paramount to the overall experience you have with a game. or any other form of mixed media art.

  2. Dunkey. I’ve been a loyal fan for years. I was around back when Phantom Menace was being written on the cavemen walls. All your videos are mastapieces, though, something in my soul feels empty. Let’s rewind to, Star Wars: Attack of the Dentist. One of your all time best videos. This sole video has gotten me through the hardest of times. Whenever I feel like I can’t do something, I pop on this video once in a while and boom I feel like Jackie Chan. It was incredible. Better yet, you launched a sequel, Star War 2: Phantom Crentist, which turned out to be another mastapiece. The duo felt unstoppable. Surely we couldn’t wait for the third…

    It’s been 8 years. I’m now a grown man currently playing the new Lego Star Wars (awaiting your review on this). I’ve given up hope for Tar War 3: Revenge of the Mentist. It’s gone into the dark abyss of forgotten sequels such as Half Life 3, Battlefront 3, and Balder’s Gate: Dark Alliance 3. Your Lego Star Wars videos are some of the finest cuts of meat on YouTube, if Lego Wars 3 shows up in the future, I will be satisfied with the grand conclusion.

  3. The King! Michael Winslow! I was so obsessed with his sound effect work in Police Academy as a kid. Inspired me to manipulate my own voice as well! Maybe i'll sell it some day.

  4. God of War is one of those games that has amazing mix when it comes to volume. Volume is extremely important now a days. A DICK LOAD OF GAMES always have a problem with music being LOUD AF!!! So can't even gear characters talking.

    Don't know about you, but it has become mandatory for me to have the subtitles on…….in EVERY GAME I PLAY NOW!!! That should not be needed unless you have hearing problems. God of War is one of those games now that seems to focus more on being able to hear the characters. They lower to volume or raise it when characters are speaking.

    And they transition into seamless cutscenes to keep you from noticing, but cutscenes are important to keeping sound mixes consistent. Look at games like RDR2. Sure it's fine on cutscenes, but gameplay with characters speaking you'll notice that the damn horses are too DAMN LOUD.

    Sure it's more REALISTIC this way. But IT'S A VIDEO GAME. Even a game like Last of Us has this problem when you go back and play it.

  5. My heart soared when he included the clip of Mario running around Tostarena in the intro. The amount of times I go back to that world just because of that pitter patter is unhealthy 🙂

  6. I feel like I'm missing either a meme here or something, is he putting together snippets of some podcast and then trying to fit them into a narrative? or is this actually a collab

  7. The new Red Dead Redemption not only looks stunning, its sound design is on point. Having hiked through Wyoming, it frequently sounded like I was back there.

  8. Playing through Breath of the Wild was the first time I think I actively appreciated the sound design of a game. The snowy areas, especially. It felt so serene. Then, years later, I came across Scruffy's channel and he made me appreciate the sound design so much more. The difference in footsteps in the snow depending on the weather honestly blew me away. It's one of my favorite games, and, apparently, the sound design helps that immensely

  9. I need to see Dunsley vs Winsley, where it's just you giving Michael Winslow gameplay clips and then giving him 5 minutes to imitate every sound in the clip, scoring each recreation out of 5. If he gets enough points, he's fine, if he doesn't hit the target number, he's dumped from his podium into a VAT of Nickelodeon style gunge.

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