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  1. #3 : That game development principle is called "zeroing" and has existed since the 80's arcades. The more modern takes on it was highly used on the N64. It's really simple to explain: Game engines uses some form of values to determines the 2D or 3D positions of anything there are various variations of a values which differs by how many bits each instance of a value uses. For example, a boolean is a single bit (0 = Off, 1 = On), half (half floating point) is 16 bits, a float (floating point) is 32 bits, double is 64 bits, etc. In terms of coordinates in video games engines, is usually using 3 floats values for each position (X, Y, Z). The limit of a float is based on how much precision you need in its decimals, but usually, a normal floating point has a 6-7 digits limit before imprecision (errors) starts getting in the calculation. (Those are called floating precision issues.) So, if 1 unit in the game engine is equal to 1 meter, then something at 9999 meters can move slightly around 1-2 millimetres every frames. If that item reaches 10000m away, it may moves around 1-2 centimetres every frame. There are multiple performances impacts related to this such as lighting calculation, physics issues, animations/rigs, etc.

    So, the concept, in game development of zeroing the player's point of view is simply to ensure the player is always at the position of (0,0,0) in the world and stuff move around the player as if he/she/it is the centre of the universe. Stuff too far are either destroyed (removed from memory) or turned off depending on the need/requirement of the game's features.

  2. Gamebryo engine is not at fault for the quality of Bethesda's games. Yes, it's difficult to make certain things work, but as Frontier has shown, despite it's shitty writing, it is possible to make cutscenes, drivable cars, and etc. work in Gamebryo.
    Bethesda's games are well known for their bugs, and we always blame the engine instead of the developers, always forgetting that the modding community always fixes pretty much all the bugs and problems with the game in a few months time, not to mention adding or reworking lots of other things as well. Stop blaming the engine for the shit Bethesda does.

  3. But aren't vehicles NPCs too but with different models basically?
    I know nothing about game engines, especially about the 3D ones since I'm using only GameMaker, so educate me if I am wrong (which is 90% sure).

  4. So does this mean when we're flying around in our ship in Starfield, we'll actually be wearing the ship as a helmet and swimming through space?

  5. Depending on how you look at it, you've always become the missile or never became the missile.
    In any FPS, you're arguably just a camera. In Battlefield 3, they must have added the health bar and name tag to the camera, and thus where the camera goes the name tag and health bar goes. In other versions, the name tag and health bar are probably tied to a root of a model or tied to the model itself or something else.
    If you're looking through the lens of a missile and controlling it, arguably you are the missile: The missile has become your avatar. Just other game engines/makers didn't tie the name (and health bar) to the camera/missile avatar.

  6. The way they do the videos in Fallout, teleporting the character to a room and having Ron The Narrator character standing behind you, is not necessary, even in their aged game engine. The NPC narrator doesn't have to have a model, they choose to give it a body/model. They could have also instead froze your character, dropped a projector screen in front of your character and played it there, or spawned a room around the character, or any number of other things, even in their aged game engine. I think they did it the way they did because it was easy for them to do it that way, not because it 'had to be done that way.'

  7. How fallout did their cut scenes and movies is actually quite common in game development for a lot of things. For example: If you have an inventory system where you can see the changes made to your character in real time… Like, a menu opens and there's a different image of you that shows the gear being equipped/unequipped; that is most likely another player model of your character hidden somewhere on the map that mirrors those changes and has a camera on it to share the changes with you on the interface. A whole bunch of stuff like that to make silly things work in game dev.

  8. Pre-recorded Falcon: Moving on to number nine.
    Current Falcon: BATTLE FIELD 3…

    Dang Falcon, you really didn't give your past self a chance lol.

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