Uncharted 4: Bir Hırsızın Sonu … Ama Değil

Uncharted serisi hazine çalmakla ilgili olabilir, ancak Uncharted 4 benim de kalbimi çaldı. Fantastik bir aksiyon macera karışımı içinde, Naughty Dog … için bir yol buldu.

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Sixpolt 65 3 Nisan 2021
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Does anyone want to tell him about that one mobile game... no ok
Michael Matta 29 Mart 2021
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Jardex22 22 Mart 2021
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Online achievements are one thing. In most cases, I'd consider them a part of completion. However, it's insane to consider unlocking every customization option for completion, especially when it's tied to a real $ store. The whole point is to entice players to keep the game lobbies fill for months after release by giving them a reason to come back every day. Please, do not do that in future games Jirard. Especially if it's a game that you won't play casually in your off time.
Jobbe 7 Mart 2021
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Fun fact
I got through 75% of the first game
Finished and loved the second game
....skipped the third gam
And completed the fourth to 100%

It’s an ok series
Gaétan Lauzé 6 Mart 2021
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Honestly I don’t know how I’m supposed to accept Tom Holland as Nate... Nolan North is the man.
Nancy Flores 4 Mart 2021
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I was enjoying the video until you compared it to fortnite which didn’t come out till a year later 😪 the taunts are great 😊
Hero of Mobius 24 Şubat 2021
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I find half of this game great! But I gotta say that I hate the first half of this game.
Luke Staten 22 Şubat 2021
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tommy mccown 22 Şubat 2021
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This is why I’m not a completion type of person!!!!!? Because I have never played online before!!!!!!!!!! I take that back “ I tried to play one of the uncharted games online but I really really sucked!!! And they relegated me back with the newbies!!!!!? Lol And so I never wanna be playing online and then people cussing me out and telling me how I suck!!!! And please go an kill my self in real life!!!? Lol
Mike 14 Şubat 2021
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Being a fan of The Completionist got me into going for trophies and platinum. But It's also taught me to pick my battles and make sure the balance of: fun but challenging, applies. I love the Uncharted games, but there's a lot of BS trophies (Mulitplayer) and Crushing difficulty isn't fun to me. Always sucks when Jirard plays a game that he enjoys, but the completion process ruins the vibe and mood of the otherwise great experience.
Jeremy Julkowski 14 Şubat 2021
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Uncharted 4 was one of the very few sequels that actually pulled off the Hollywood cliched "Here' s the long lost brother your never heard about until now!" motif that successfully worked in that since we assumed Sam was dead all those years back, there was never a reason for Nathan to make reference to him. Though Nathan could have passively mentioned Sam in earlier games like him saying "Yeah, Sam would've pulled this off in his own way." in order to give continuity to the series overall story arc. I loved Sam's character along with his appearance in Lost Legacy. I really want to see a standalone Sam entry in the Uncharted saga.
ZedarShadow 12 Şubat 2021
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Good thing the multiplayer unlocks here carry over to Lost Legacy, if/ when that gets completed.
Blue Rascal 10 Şubat 2021
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Tbh I think online trophies and especially any achievements tied to micro transactions should just not count. It’s not worth it to spend money on micro transactions for the sake of getting 100% completion...
Axel Ranvik 8 Şubat 2021
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Uncharted 4 was my first shooting game!
HypoXP 7 Şubat 2021
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Love this game, favorite in the series. Also, sign this petition to get Jirard to stop going so far as to spend money to get all the online stuff just to get all the achievements. It’s not worth it, and all of us still consider it completed without the online.
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