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Uncharted Kayıp Miras – O INICIO

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Uncharted: Drake’s Deception Bölüm 5 (Finale)

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  1. I don't know why couldn't she just split the money with them, it's billions of dollars and even after splitting your share was gonna be in billions.

  2. Nate and Chloe meet each other on their own. Not through Sully. He only meets Chloe on a previous adventure before the Uncharted games. Sully meets her after Nate is thrown in a Turkish Prison in Uncharted 2.

  3. Sure it's nice but it doesn't feel like Drake. More like Spiderman.
    The point of Nathan Drake is that he is a regular dude who struggles to do those kind of badass stuff and barely survives everytime.
    In the movie he seems to be an olympic gymnast who meticulously learned his stunts.
    Consequently it's hard to relate to that character, unlike in the games.

  4. i just hate how they look so young and talk like none of their characters. as a huge fan of franchise i’ve never seen anything from this movie this is the first clip i’ve watched and i can already say i am never watching this one

  5. I am really digging the person they got for Chloe, the race, the accent, the eye liner, the sass. Just everything about her is spot on.

  6. What doesn't make any sense … Is that she didn't go near them long enough to steal that cross … Let alone in front of their face … A process that'll take at least half a minute which is enough for them to spot, catch and repossess the cross … But … She took it anyway … How? Nobody knows )))

  7. doesnt have the feel like in the games, just a couple of people bitching at each others, none of that cool and witty conversations between Nate and Sully. Wahlbergs just plays Wahlbergs like any others of his movies, and Tom Holland is more or less Spiderman… What a disrespect to the Uncharted series.

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