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Silent Hill: The Movie (PSX, 1999)

Konami’nin 1999 psikolojik gerilim filmi Silent Hill, süreklilik amacıyla ve tüm ara sahneler için minimal oynanışa sahip bir film olarak sunuluyor. Özellikle ….. ‘ya teşekkür … .

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Definitely WAAAYYY better than the actual movie for this game. Well done my man!! 10/10
Rob Thedon 2 Mart 2021
| | |
The original silent hill got an 8-10 in the PlayStation magazine wrong so wrong
Was I the only one who had no idea that this game takes place in 1983? Nothing about it to me screamed 80s. For example Cybil gives Harry a 9mm, in 1983 cops carried revolvers.
Material Defender 5 Şubat 2021
| | |
some people say the vial is still flying through the air to this day
Pb 207.2 26 Ocak 2021
| | |
Almost everyone remembers Lisa. “That” scene was just masterful.
scarmoh 24 Ocak 2021
| | |
08:30 how often do you see a police officer handing his gun to a civilian?
Lewis Jones 11 Ocak 2021
| | |
I hadn’t played a single silent hill game up until a few months ago, and even without nostalgia goggles, this game was so amazing. The intro always gives me goosebumps. Harry’s constant confusion makes it seem like he’s in purgatory, and the scene where he is unconscious in the car makes it a theory that sounds believable. A lost soul in purgatory, desperately clinging to his loved ones as a sea of darkness surrounds him. Such a powerful game underneath the surface
Mitchell Scripter 6 Ocak 2021
| | |
this game deserves a remake.
Andrew Kowalski 27 Aralık 2020
| | |
Aghh!! It's been so long I forgot that fucken themesong! So perfect. Haunted my entire teen years couldn't stop playing this game
DMC1 22 Aralık 2020
| | |
nothing beats this variety of Japanese horror. I really wish something modern came close but there really is nothing.
eric peinard 11 Aralık 2020
| | |
Silent Hill on PS5 ?
stanggirl70 8 Aralık 2020
| | |
I bought this used back in college and had no idea what I was in for. It was the first horror game I’d ever seen and I soon learned not to play it alone at night! LOL
a550077 12 Kasım 2020
| | |
Those awkward pauses between each spoken line... I just love them. Each dialog feels dreamy and surreal because of it.
Akame 7 8 Kasım 2020
| | |
That intro always gets to me! 🥰
UrBiznes NunUv 31 Ekim 2020
| | |
Anyone else not understand why people say the Re2 remake way of remakes is “bad”? I didn’t think it was too modern. Honestly all they would need to do for this is update the acting and graphics but maybe add some areas and it’ll be fine.
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