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ennahh76 30 Mart 2021
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Da you know, I listen to people too much. I'm a big silent hill fan and was so disappointed in the reviews, I ignored homecoming and downpour, until they went backwards compatible on xbox. They were cheap so I got both. I didn't mind homecoming at all, and now finally I'm playing downpour, and I don't mind this either. OK, so maybe I'd of regretted paying full price, but as it stands, I'm enjoying it. That's good enough for me.
Liam McNicholas 26 Mart 2021
| | |
Hold up, Korn? That's surprisingly hilarious. Imagine if they got Limp Bizkit for Resident Evil.
IgotAIDSfromVOX 24 Mart 2021
| | |
Korn? I love them but why not Trent Reznor? It seems like he would be a no brainer after his work on quake.
Lunch 24 Mart 2021
| | |
lol uhhh James Sunderland was prob the worst criminal so... wut... i mean dude choked out his own wife cause he wanted to be free and get his nuts kissed again
Laben Venci 22 Mart 2021
| | |
I honestly loved Downpour, and I still replay it sometimes.
The story is really well written, and it feels like Silent Hill. Murphy is an great character, the rest of the cast is pretty good aswell and the game makes you so invested as it just feels like your going through Murphy's personal hell and seeing his guilt. There's lots of side content aswell and Silent Hill is explorable.
The game is kinda jank with optimization and lacking enemy variety, and was missing the soundtrack but the game is really enjoyable and I loved it from Beginning to End. Much more then Homecoming which really needs a Wut Happun. I say try it out. Sadly it's not on PC but you can find copies for 360 or PS3.
Krieklow 20 Mart 2021
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Silent Hill having a criminal protagonist, especially a murderer, is a fantastic idea, but the execution was so limp. In half the endings he didn't even commit the crime, and even in the most morally dubious possible backstory for Pendleton, he's still less questionable than James, and certainly way less of a bad guy than Walter Sullivan, who although he was technically the antagonist, was portrayed sympathetically and served as Silent Hill 4's core driving force.
andrew traver 19 Mart 2021
| | |
You promised you'd take me there again someday.
But you never did.
JoJo A 21 Şubat 2021
| | |
I used to watch you play this game as a kid, it makes me really happy to see that you’re still successful & doing something really unique on Youtube. Thanks Matt, you were always my favorite!
TrooperLinks 18 Şubat 2021
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You know what’s funny tho, James killed his wife... so like he’s a murderer... so it’s not too far fetched to have the main character be a criminal. My opinion tho.
Aita1988 17 Şubat 2021
| | |
Not only konami doomed the series even kojima whiped His Ass with it. He could've done a Horror Game and what did we got "Bored Stranding" a UPS Simulator without Cars or Vehicles!
genericsavings 9 Şubat 2021
| | |
As much as I’d love to deride Konami for their Silent Hill mishandling, I believe that there wasn’t more you could do with the series without it being derivative.
Team Silent were reaching for the sky in terms of exploring the essence of horror.

After several failed/middling attempts, I could see why Konami pretty much gave up on the series.
They are a business, first and foremost.

Why make an expensive horror title that could possibly get panned/hated when you could make tens of millions off of card games, soccer, pachinko?

That being said, would love to see a modern/competent take on the series.

Alas, no. 😭
Kim Jong Tsun 28 Ocak 2021
| | |
On the subject of beloved horror IPs own by corporations with no concept of what people liked about them and no plans on letting them die with some dignity (though in this case the 2020 entry seems pretty good but we’ll see how it ends) Higurashi Kira
malachi tilley 26 Ocak 2021
| | |
If you haven't done dead space that would be a good one to go over
João Paulo 25 Ocak 2021
| | |
I actually like that the producer went with the original concept despite split reactions from focus testing.
One of the worst things any creator can do is try to please everyone when dealing with creative decisions. Gaming has a lot of "trying to please everybody" garbage. Remember RE6?
Downpour has several problems. A prison dude as protagonist isn't it.
Alice Smithy 17 Ocak 2021
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