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SHN Üyesi Olun! Silent Hill Homecoming için SHN Derecelendirmesi Hikaye aşağıdaki gibidir ….

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Willy Woke 2 Nisan 2021
| | |
The last game they did before they stopped trying to make decent SH games, there's so many misteries about the town that could be explored, it's a shame they went with a bad "remake" and later a even more terrible mobile crap game. Downpour had me interested and I did try to finish it, but again... the magic is gone, because YOU ARE NEVER IN SILENT HILL!!! Konami, stop make "out of map experience" games, put the player in Silent Hill that's what we want.
For example: SH4 was the exploration of the life and crimes of Walter Sullivan, it does make sense to be out of town because the "town" is just a part of the story, it's not fundamental to the plot. But you can't do that forever and keep using the title Silent Hill, Walter was mentioned in previous games and he was a tool of the Order, he's important and there's lore.
Who the hell are all these poeple? Why should I care? I know we're never ever going to have a game close the original Trilogy, but one can dream and I wish to hear that line one more time "Is this a dream? No it's Silent Hill."
Josep Barnett 2 Nisan 2021
| | |
muchos dicen que este juego es malo , yo personalmente lo encuentro bueno me gusta mucho , incluso lo prefiero mucho mas que SH4 . la banda sonora es genial el ambiente la atmosfera y los jefes son geniales....
Anxty 29 Mart 2021
| | |
I really don't like how Silent Hill looks exactly like Shepherds Glen. If you didn't tell me that that is Silent Hill, I'd think that Alex is still in his hometown. Maybe it's the weird grey filter?
I liked this game, it was not as good as 1 or 2 but IMO it was super creepy and I liked the atmosphere and the story was decent. I really really wish silent hill would make a comeback. It is such a legendary series... please I hope it doesnt just die and fade away =(
XWXS2 20 Mart 2021
| | |
with better face animations this game would look so much better
Paulo punk 7 Mart 2021
| | |
Travis grady? 😨
59:05 1973 oldsmobile delta 88 "The classic"
Kari My Girl 3 Mart 2021
| | |
I really appreciate you doing this. I always sucked at games but loved the story lines so thanks again 😊🤭
Сергей 7 28 Şubat 2021
| | |
The pc has always been better than the console and will be better.
Matt York 21 Şubat 2021
| | |
I still remember screaming and dropping the controller when that wheel came clanging down the stairs right in front of you in the hospital/institution area.

Scared the crap out of me first time going in blind.
Balthus Dire 19 Şubat 2021
| | |
Silent Hill is an art masterpiece! Amazing conected lore, specially the first ones. Deep terrifying soundtracks. Real terror game.
This is a game that really deserves a remake!!
Jenny Gholson 16 Şubat 2021
| | |
I love your video
Денис Холкин 11 Şubat 2021
| | |
Сайлент Хилл всегда был и есть мой любимый фильм, с его атмосферой, нагнетающей жуть, с его монстрами и вечно падающим пеплом с неба. А ещё там прекрасная музыка, написанная японским композитором Акира Ямаока. Спасибо Вам большое за эти игрофильмы.
Blue Madness 11 Şubat 2021
| | |
1:49:47 is definitely my part in the game.
Chabbie Y. 11 Şubat 2021
| | |
It's crazy. I instantly became member of your channel to pay for it. I never payed for any YouTube channel before, even did I become a member or was really following one. But this channel is so damn good. It's so essential. Too good to be true. I hope that this will go on for a long time
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