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Silent Hill Downpour – Gameplay Walkthrough – Bölüm 13 – Yağmur Yağdığında (Xbox 360 / PS3) [HD]

TheRadBrad’ın sunduğu HD Xbox 360 ve PS3 Oynanışı ile Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Bölüm 13. Bu Silent Hill Downpour Oynanış İlerleyişinin 13. Kısmı ….

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jd 12 Mart 2021
| | |
The fukken pause sound gets me everytime lol
Trickster Nimesh 18 Şubat 2021
| | |
I like rock music :3
Jamie Blakey 16 Ocak 2021
| | |
Your a total legend @theRadBrad thankyou for doing this it has made lockdown so much easier for me thanks bro
Drew Smith 23 Ekim 2020
| | |
Anyone watching in 2020?
Emre 22 Ekim 2020
| | |
saw the new amnesia rebirth game recently on your channel
Angie Balthaser 10 Eylül 2020
| | |
I love your walkthrough of this game this is the first silent hill game I played in the series so this one is my favorite then 2 then 3 then homecoming the room was cool I even got my mom into it she watches me play and helps me solve puzzles lol
Mike Sanchez 31 Mayıs 2020
| | |
Cant believe how short games were then and too us it was good lol now a days it's the same 30 hours or so worth of gameplay even busy and working doesn't last long seems they overtime make games longer but ultimately still ain't enough lol
wahyu ramanda 30 Mayıs 2020
| | |
Watching in 2020, during the pandemic
Mohand Taouci 28 Nisan 2020
| | |
Le code de 13 part 353479
Misfit Misty 15 Mart 2020
| | |
Friendly tip I'm syre ya already know by now. The gun is where ya find the crying lady. Walk upstairs and turn on tv it unlocks the door to get to the crying lady. In what I guess could be the basement.
kyle benton 12 Şubat 2020
| | |
Lmao! I know it's been 7yrs, but this playthrough I had to come back to. Your question, "What music do you guys listen to?" Lol, 90's & 00's rock alternative are my go-to, but almost every genre will do...
Keep it up, Brad!
rewatching this amazing game since we didnt get a new silent hill game
Kyle Bai 26 Aralık 2019
| | |
2:57 she just slides in and glitches out later lol wtf.
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