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Resident Evil Village – 2. Fragman

Resident Evil Village’da korku sizi çevreliyor ve 2021’de PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X ve PC’de hayatta kalma korkusunun yeni bir bölümünü ortaya çıkarıyor! Facebook’ta ‘Beğen’ ….

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if you are going to do a remake of residet evil 4, leave léon's hair like this like so they can see it
Slayer AMV 夢 26 Mart 2021
| | |
HYPE do krl mano, so esperando! falta 1 mes drogs
Zongti :] 21 Mart 2021
| | |
So hyped! Cant wait to see Ethan Chase his girl again 🤣
Darshan Bhambhani 18 Mart 2021
| | |
This is literally just another version of the last trailer lol
Princess Cortanna 15 Mart 2021
| | |
This is my dream video game. Set in a scary castle with beautiful graphics.. Im so excited!!!!!
Matin Madadi 13 Mart 2021
| | |
Remember this game was about Zombies...
dragonsinthefield 7 Mart 2021
| | |
VR, VR, VR !!!! Please.
EdgeLordAlex 6 Mart 2021
| | |
I don’t think the chris that killed mia is the actual Chris red field I think that’s a clone
Rose Kim 28 Şubat 2021
| | |
MOMMY ❤❤❤❤❤
Jeon Somi 28 Şubat 2021
| | |
Are they still same person? Cuz they looks like Ethan and Mia omg
Marangelie Román 28 Şubat 2021
| | |
Deberían poner la opción de tercera persona 😭😭😭
Илья Кочкин 27 Şubat 2021
| | |
Дома как в россии )
ReaperPL 23 Şubat 2021
| | |
No Polish language in the game? As a fan of the series, I am disappointed because it is the first time in 14 years. I decided you wouldn't see a single cent from me. For me, Capcom ceased to matter. Unlike others, I am not going to ask you on my knees.
Brennan 21 Şubat 2021
| | |
Anybody else think this trailer is very disjointed and builds almost NO hype? It seemed like it just jumped to different genres and periods of history. It just looks like a generic horror game that is more jumpscare and action than actual horror. Compared to the the Biohazard trailers, this trailers is pretty underwhelming. Nothing I saw made me excited for this game, really.

Not trying to shit on it, I loved Biohazard, but this just doesn't give me the same feeling as the Biohazard trailers did.
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