Resident Evil Süper Güçlerle 4 Ayrı Yol SON

Resident Evil 4 Ayrı Yol #3 2022 Saddler’ın bu kadar komik olduğunu hatırlamıyorum dostum İyi eğlenceler umarım hepiniz iyisinizdir! Takip et …

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  1. Thanks for the series Vash, really enjoy it, you are the man.

    Answering the question, I played some games, but the relevant are Code Vein and Critadel (indie roguelike shooter, simple but fun).

  2. I'm actually playing through some Call of Duty campaigns. Finished WWII last week and I'm playing through Advanced Warfare then Infinite Warfare. Like you said it's mindless fun and the action set pieces in the games are cool. I'm also killing time till Gotham Knights and Spider-Man Remastered for PC release.

  3. I finished up Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record (after multiple crashes for both, kinda ruined my experience a bit tbh) and now I'm on my 3rd attempt trying to beat Doom 2016. I feel like I should like the game more than I do, but I just… don't. Hopefully this time I'll enjoy it more.

  4. Been playing Souldiers (PC) lately. Not sure if metroidvania/souls type of games interst you though but I've been having a good time. I do not recommend the Switch version; the load times are absolutely legendary and not in a good way.

  5. The games that I’ve been playing lately are Dragon Age Origins and RE4 also. I recently beat Republic Commando for the first time. I’ve restarted Dragon Age Origins maybe like 5 or 6 times lol, but never beaten it. Hope you’re feeling better Vash!

  6. Hey Vash

    I finished my first professional playthrough of Resident Evil 4 recently. I've beaten it 25+ times on normal since it came out and wanted to beat it on professional since the remake was announced. I also beat Chicory and started Elden Ring a few days ago. I've had and been having a pretty good time with them.

    For Fallout New Vegas, if you're on PC, you can try disabling the three auto-save options in the menu. That should help with your freezing when entering building's problem. That game will crash no matter what measures are taken, though.

  7. Hey Vash, hope all is well with you & your family! I've been playing Avengers, trying out Jane Foster & trying to farm gear & eventually do a raid.

    I was gifted a PS5 for my birthday a couple of weeks ago so every game I've played feels smooth & loading times have been hella quick, lol.

    I'm looking forward to GoW: Ragnarok this year!

  8. Dude id love to watch you play some PS2 shit again, Taco Tuesdays?! That'd be dooope XD whatever the case i've been loving this dude I'll be following whatever you do. Re4 and PS2 games with ya are home sweet home for me. I just beat Vegas again and went melee only run and that was ridiculous but an awesome time i recommend it!

  9. With FFX I agree with you, the beginning is a bit slow, but I loved playing through it! I hope you have fun with it in time, it was my first main-title FF game.

  10. I'd be down for some assignment ada. I've never actually played this game so seeing you play the different modes is the only interaction I've had with it. Ps2 games would be dope as hell! A taco Tuesday style video for rise to honor would be the dream

  11. I feel you on wanting to get into the older games. I've been hunting down ds games specifically pokemon for a minute. Also saw fire emblem and decided why not. For some reason black and white 2's price has jumped TENFOLD online. Annoying.

  12. Ada: I don't like it when men play rough
    Also Ada: Let's leon live after giving her the choke

    Bullshit Ada you love it when leon roughs you up don't lie

  13. I think you should be fine for uploading Metal Gear content. I just did my own let's play series of MGS3 last spring and I didn't get any copyright issues. But my last video did get demonotized because of the music that plays during the ending credits. That wasn't an issue for me since I don't use my videos to make money.

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