Resident Evil (2022) Netflix Dizi İncelemesi

Bu benim Resident Evil (2022) Netflix Dizi İncelemem ve bugün size bu dizi hakkındaki tüm düşüncelerimi getiriyorum. senin ne…

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  1. This show is just a mess from the first couple on minutes it was bad the scene where Jade is tackled by a zombie and you can see the other zombies just standing around watching but just before this we saw zombies swarm hunting a rabbit , jade can get rag dolled and smashed into a car have a medic confirm concussion and internal bleeding but after a short nap she’s fine and up and around in time to be able to jump down 40+ foot into a couple of hundred zombies and get up unscathed and run off

  2. They succeeded ONCE I tell you ONCE. The first RE movie in 2002 with Milla Jovovich wasn't true to the series and personally, seen as it's own standalone movie is a helluva time. Cannot say that about the other ones. Props to Anderson on the first one

  3. I have seen all the movies, played all the games and I still enjoyed this show. It was very interesting and loved the serious tone. Let's just be honest, people hate it bc it has a black protagonist,most of the ppl haven't even seen the show. As I understood that's an origin story.

  4. Jan Let
    2 annoying bratty teens who make stupid decisions and grow into adults who make stupid decisions. How many times did the lead character get captured????? I'll pass on season 2.

  5. Jade has to be the most reckless, blind and unlikable character I've seen in years. She so deserves to die from the get go but she keeps getting helpers and interesting characters get killed it becomes ludicrous. I just felt like skipping her 2036 scenes to see what was happening with Albert, Billie and Evelyn… Those were the MVPs, not Jade, not the post apocalyptic content.

  6. How does a girl who looks latina when shes young grow up to be south east asian as an adult. Are those races interchangeable in the new normal.

  7. What? You said Jade was an interesting character for the future character but the characters we were following around were over the top or underdeveloped. Well isn't Jade the one we are following around? IDK you review is contradictory. I did not like your review or the first episode of Resident Evil. Not interesting in watching anymore

  8. Honestly I set the bar low because of the movies. Just glad to see a revamp to a live action series made plausible. Yea bad acting and some plot holes but it's not a blatant maiming of the games. Everything can still be fixed with care and prioritization to the games Canon while still introducing a new story with new characters. On a side note though both sisters are awful but jades level of arrogance, willful blindful ignorance, and lack of control from reacting immediately in a conclusive manner. To say the least. Infuriating but alas it too can be fixed with deeper writing and less contradiction to her character. Lance reddik is a prime example of why you should have hope for it Between his acting and story salvaging. Durable short lived characters like Baxter would make up for those moments that lack synchronicity in transitional scenes without making it a straight zombie comedy. I would recommend starting the next season from a different characters point of view without the time lapse story telling. Pick an Era pre or post apocalypse, stick to it the whole season. Link up the previous seasons story in by sewing in cannon and legacy characters without direct references too said season. Take the time to fill current plotholes without focusing on last seasons character arcs or overbearing ambitious writing. Create likable characters you can actually get behind whether their right or wrong. Stay away from teenage characters for the love of god. And like many people are focusing on, do the opposite of the first season and downsize the world view to an isolated area. With consequences that are slowly revealed to affect the rest of the world (the games are full of these areas. The movies really aren't). Also do some camera shots that pay homage to the games. Such as the corner angles, without playing them off in writing as security cams. Simplify, reduce ambition, and focus more on the horror and game cannon influences. They do that and the writing will fix itself naturally. So that even bad acting and a couple potholes can't ruin it. Also if it does succeed don't fuck it up just cuz it gets some momentum with the fan base REMEMBER SIMPLIFY, FOCUS, AND DONT BE TO DAMN AMBITIOUS
    P.s. Get a Superfan in there as a show writer.
    P.s.s They should just hire me or is that statement to arrogant. Might as well call me Jade.

  9. This movie is one hundred percent the maze runner. The kranks look the same the female who leads umbrella is just like the maze runner. This is one hundred % the maze runner the TV show.

  10. When I started i was put off by the same issues you mentioned, but Lance kept me going. There is a lot of good and bad in this series but overall I enjoyed it more than I disliked it.

  11. I’m not sure who this show is for. Yes, I’m a die hard fan. I watch this show and it feels almost nothing like Resident Evil to me. I was only able to get through the first few episodes then decided I’d stop wasting my time. Is this show trying to bring in teens to become resident evil fans? Why would they need that? 7 and Village sold extremely well. What kind of fan base do they need to add to? People love the games, if you call something RE the fans of those games are going to check it out. If you produce a mediocre cw show with very little to offer(Lance Reddick is good) then no one is going to wanna finish it. Netflix fucked up again, Capcom probably had a hand in this as well. I can’t understand what process they go through with the approval of these things. Jade is an annoying stupid bratty character, you called her great and I can’t understand why.

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