Rastgele Bir Jeneratör Nintendo Switch Oyunlarımı SATIN ALIYOR (BROKE’um)

Nintendo Switch eShop’ta Rastgele Oluşturulan Oyunlar! | Bağlantıyı kullanan ilk 1000 kişi 1 aylık ücretsiz deneme hakkı kazanacak…

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  1. Everyone told me I shouldn't do this again. After last time, when it blew through all my money and I went into crippling debt I promise myself i would never allow that EVIL Random Generator anywhere NEAR my wallet….. but now Daddy Wood needs views so LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. 🔥 | The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: https://skl.sh/beatemups07221

  2. This sound stupid, but could you do it again with steam discovery queue? This is quite fun and you could add a layer to the rule if the games are verified for the deck or have been tested yet and if you already have that game on switch.

  3. The good life game if this is your first time playing a Swery game and his dev team White Owls you're in for a treat. Remember this Swery games are not meant to be high end games Story, Art, Gameplay come 1st. If you have time dive into the world of Swery this would be one rabbit hole you want to keep digging.

  4. Would love a video of you and Kim testing switch controllers for small hands! I love my pro controller but it's just too big and the joysticks are too long for my thumbs. I think there are both some good and some really bad small controllers out there that would be awesome to see a comparison between

  5. the funny thing though wood, the most expensive game on your list is free on xbox game pass lol. never tried it but i think im going to stay away from it after this. thanks for taking one (or several) for the team lol

  6. Spreadsheet suggestion in top comments would probably be a great idea. But a huge pain in the butt… would probably want it to track purchase date, physical or digital, and if you actually played it.
    3rd category is where the painful side comes in. He can now add games he's played with others but not actual purchased and in next column leave a note. Could even add a few more columns for rating games and give them a 1-10 score.

  7. Once, before you became "famous", you made beautiful content, full of passion (for example those about Zelda or the videos about Japan). now I only see heartless videos, made only because you have a large following and therefore you put no effort in it. The result is that they are extremely low in content.
    Always the same, boring, easy things. It is your channel and it is your life, of course you are free to do what you see fit.
    From a disappointed former follower.

  8. I only subscribed because my Cousins showed me a video, where you absolutely DUNKED your Switch into water. You do it for the clout, but I respect the commitment

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