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Raiden Shogun Endless Overload Build Guide | Genshin Impact | Free to Play

In this Genshin Impact Guide I’m going to be showing you my Endless Overload Build for Raiden Shogun; which relies solely on transformative reactions to deal damage, without building for direct damage or critical stats. It excels in AOE situations with several enemies on the field, and damage goes much higher with a greater number of enemies gathered together. The damage also has a very high floor, meaning it starts strong with so little to none artifact optimization needed. The build also barely requires any of the top tier support units, so it doesn’t suffocate your second team. This is not the only way to build Raiden, as it’s one way of many. It’s more complex than my average build, but rewards the player’s skill, while still being cheap to build.

I’ll explain just how to build the Endless Overload Build to face a wide variety of content, and deal potent damage. If you’ve been looking for a Free to Play Raiden Shogun build for endgame, look no further. I’ll go through what Weapons to use, what Artifacts to upgrade and which companions to pick up, so check this one out!

Raiden Shogun Endless Overload Build Guide

This is a budget-friendly version Raiden Shogun build, making it suitable for new and free to play players. Even though Raiden’s strongest attacks are her burst mode, it requires a massive investment, that’s not that accessible for free to play players. On top of that, most of Raiden Shogun‘s Burst potential is locked behind C2 and C3. Such constellations for a five-star character takes more than 500 wishes on average, and up to 650 if you are unlucky. That amount is far beyond any free reward the game grants you; I don’t encourage spending hard-earned money to just unlock the damage potential of just one character. Especially if there we can make a build that will rely solely on her Elemental Skill and reactions which require no Constellations.

In our combo, Xiangling provides Pyro aura, for Raiden Shogun to Overload every hit with her Elemental Skill. Then we use Sucrose to buff Elemental Mastery, shred Pyro resistance, and gather enemies. The three characters go hand in hand to form the core of the team, then we have a flexible fourth slot to add more synergy.

Raiden Shogun Elemental Skill is a unique talent, that has special properties that make this build viable. First of all, it’s a turret that stays on the field even after switching, similar to most Electro characters. However, it doesn’t require either normal attacks, or proximity range to trigger. Instead, it triggers when the enemy takes damage, any damage from any source. So it doesn’t need a dedicated “driver” character with rapid attack speed. Then this talent hits after the enemy has taken damage already, so Pyro hits establish Pyro aura first, before Raiden’s Electro ability lands. This ensures we always proc Overload with Raiden, not the opposite.

What second Abyss team to use with the Endless Overload Build

This build pairs well with a second team that doesn’t require Xiangling, obviously. So you can’t build reverse melt in the other half of the Abyss. However, with both Bennett and Xingqiu being free, you will have all kinds of teams accessible to you.

It ranges from Reverse Vaporize teams such as ones with Diluc, Yanfei, or the Yoimiya Over-Vaporize build, to Physical Teams such as Eula and Razor The Incredible Wolf. Other Overload teams that rely on Pyro carries such as Yanfei The Smoky Scarlet Witch can also work. You could also play any of Electro charged, Geo, or Anemo teams in the second half, and you have all the support characters available to you.

Raiden Shogun, Endless Overload Build Attributes

This is a pure Elemental Mastery build for the Raiden Shogun, where you put in everything to maximize transformative reactions. So we focus her to build on reaction-based damage stat, using Elemental Mastery on Sands, Elemental Mastery on Goblet, and Elemental Mastery on Circlet.

If you’re using five-star artifacts on all slots, these three pieces would grant Raiden 561 EM before accounting for any other factor. You then can get EM sub stats on Flower and Goblet slots for an average additional 100-200 EM. Then you have a weapon and Sucrose influence to get more EM, which can lead to an easy 900~1000 EM build in the end. That amount is enough to pentuple Raiden’s Overload damage (multiply it by 500%). Then it can be further modified using the Thundering Fury set (40%). Finally, it gets multiplied by a bonus from enemy resistance shred caused by Xiangling‘s skill and the Viridescent Venerer set.

This combination results in literally the highest Overload damage possible in-game, aside from certain Kazuha builds. Overload then has high AOE capabilities, so DPS is multiplied by the number of enemies

Aside from EM, we want to capitalize on Raiden Shogun‘s Energy Recharge the reasons being high energy requirement for Raiden‘s burst, and the scaling of the team’s energy regeneration. You will still have sub stats and your weapon for Energy Recharge, and Raiden herself has an Energy Recharge Ascension stat. So it’s easy to hit 180~200% on ER without any ER on the main stat.

If you have spare stats after building all EM and ER, you can get an extra Crit Rate which I’d recommend getting it up to 25% to maintain a 1:2 ratio with a default 50 Crit Damage. An % Attack stat is not a bad idea as well, since you still do direct damage from all your Skill ticks.

Raiden Shogun, Endless Overload Build Weapon

Raiden is a Polearm user, and she has very strong options for both free to play and spender players. In the weapon slot, we can either focus on EM or an ER stat, with the EM providing higher damage.

Note that Xiangling also uses a Polearm, contesting with Raiden on which weapon to use. You have to consider how would you equip them both. However, since Xiangling doesn’t proc reactions, you’re better off giving Raiden an EM lance instead, and Xiangling an ER one

Craftable Four Star Weapons

Kitain Cross Spear is a craftable Polearm, you get its schematic from a quest in the Inazuma region. It has Elemental Mastery as a sub stat, which is exactly what our build needs. Then it has a passive that helps generate some energy back for the wielder. It’s the best free weapon, especially at high refinement, to reduce the Energy requirement for Raiden. It allows her to run as low as 170~180% ER.

Hold to Kitain Cross Spear, and replace it only if you have better EM weapon.

Gacha 4 Star Weapons

dragons-bane-polearm-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideRaiden has a good gacha alternative in Dragon’s Bane, which is another EM weapon. It has a higher EM stat and a damage multiplier against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro. This multiplier starts at 20% at R1 and goes up to 36% at R5. Considering Raiden still does direct damage with her Skill hits, and an initial hit of Burst (13% of her total DPS), this stat is not a waste.

If you do a rotation properly and have enough Energy to cast all team bursts on cooldown, then Dragon’s Bane will be the exact best in slot weapon for an Endless Overload build.

To check the damage calculations behind this conclusion, feel free to take a look at my Raiden weapons Google spreadsheet.

Other Alternatives

Every other weapon alternative provides less DPS for the Raiden Endless Overload build. However, while levelling you want to use a weapon with some Energy Recharge as it will help in giving a smoother rotation, and add consistency while you build your artifacts.

Both The Catch and Skyward Spine are nice weapons if you have them, as well as being useable as endgame weapons. Though, you might want to use The Catch on Xiangling, if you have no better option for her. See Xiangling‘s section down below.

Raiden Shogun, Endless Overload Build Artifacts

Figuring out how to customize your Artifacts can be quite challenging, as there are so many components when it comes to making a Build in Genshin Impact and generally it takes some trial and error before getting it right. With the continuous release of new artifacts every couple of patches, things do get a bit complicated, but in this section, I will save you some time as I’ve set this up for maximum performance for this Endless Overload build.

2 Wanderer’s Troupe + 3 Random

This combination is the easiest set to build in the entire game as you only need two pieces of a specific set, then you pick the top best three pieces of any random set. This is intended to maximize the EM stat, and only in this combination can you virtually achieve 1200 EM.

Flower and feature pieces are recommended to be part of the three random pieces, as this will allow you to pick the Flower and the feature with the highest EM sub stat. Other pieces such as Goblet, Circlet, and Sands pieces all should have EM on the main stat, and all main stats on five-star artifacts maximize the same value. Since sub stats on any piece don’t show the same kind of stat on the main stat, the only sub stats you can maximize here are Energy Recharge, Crit, or Attack.

Thundering Fury

The next upgrade you can get at the endgame is 4 pieces of the Thundering Fury set. The two-piece bonus adds some negligible Electro Damage, but the true buff you get from the four-piece bonus is 40% to Overload Damage. Raiden’s entire build revolves around causing Overload, so this bonus is a jewel!

The Overload multiplier gets an additional bonus from EM, so Thundering Fury only gives a small increase over 2 pieces of the Wanderer’s Troupe set. However, this increase is the only increase you can get from having this artifact bonus, everything else is actually worse off.

Crimson Witch of Flames

Usually, you wouldn’t put a Pyro set on an Electro character, let alone The Electro Archon Raiden Shogun herself, making this an unusual choice at first glance. However, the Crimson Witch of Flames set adds a 40% Overload bonus, similar to Thundering Fury. So if you are already farming the domain for Crimson Witch of Flames, and got these pieces with a good EM bonus, go ahead and use them. The only downside of using it over Thundering Fury, is the 15% Electro Damage bonus, which has a minimum effect on our build.

To examine the in-depth comparison between these three artifact sets, check out my Raiden Artifact Google Sheet.

Raiden Shogun, Endless Overload Talent Skills


Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes. These strikes are physical in nature, and so we don’t level or use this talent. Instead, after Burst, Raiden Shogun converts all her attacks into an “Elemental Burst” type, so she scales her damage with the Elemental Burst Talent level, and modifiers that increase Burst damage as well as Electro Damage.

This conversion doesn’t inherit the Normal Attack pattern or animation, since Normal Attacks are used with a spear and Normal attacks in Burst mode are used with the sword Raiden pulls from her chest. It inherits the attack speed modifiers though, from a weapon such as Skyward Spine. It can still proc certain attacks from characters who are off-field, such as Xingqiu‘s Burst, or Fischl‘s Skill. On other hand, it can’t proc other attacks such as Beidou‘s Burst, nor Electro Traveler‘s burst.

In Burst mode, Raiden’s normal attacks regenerate Energy for the entire team. so even though these attacks don’t do much damage, we still need to use Raiden to deal some Normal Attacks in order to fill the energy for the team. We have two kinds of rotations, one where Raiden can use 3 Normal Attacks in a row and 1 Charged Attack before switching (1*N3C). The other way is where she can go for two sets of 4 Normal Attacks and 1 Charged (2*N4C). The reason we don’t go for more attacks is that Raiden can apply Electro too fast during her burst, and it threatens to take over the Pyro aura, and messes with reactions.

The version where we do a combo to prioritize switching out fast to cast Xiangling‘s Skill, to debuff enemies. Also, give the healer some field time to maximize damage from the Ocean-Hued Clam set. The longer version delays the second cast of Xiangling‘s Skill in favor of recovering more energy for the party.

Transcendence: Baleful Omen

The Elemental Skill is the main utility of the Overload build. It summons a turret-like Fischl attack, but instead of deploying it directly on the field, it attaches to the active character and deals a joint attack whenever the enemy takes damage. This unique mechanic allows it to synergize well with other turrets that deal damage on their own. It also guarantees that Raiden hits last since it only activates after the enemy has already taken damage. That makes it easier to apply Pyro first with Xiangling Burst ticks, and then proc Overload reaction with Raiden joint attack.

The cooldown of joint attacks are merely 0.9 seconds, and it has 25 seconds of uptime, on a 10-second cooldown. That guarantees 100% uptime, and in 24-second rotations it can hit over 26 times. However, there are certain mechanics to ensure you can’t abuse the constant ticks, an internal cooldown (ICD) upon Electro application of joint attacks. Raiden’s Skill follows the standard ICD of three hits or 2.5 seconds between each electro application upon a single target.

This effectively eliminates most of the potential of this build to concentrate on single targets or bosses. But it doesn’t hinder its AOE potential as much as you would think, because the internal cooldown is not shared between enemies. Going against a group of enemies will you only need to apply Electro on one enemy that is affected by Pyro in order to proc an Overload explosion. Then the AOE from Overload will catch all other enemies in the blast. That AOE playstyle requires constant Pyro application in AOE though, so we can utilize Anemo units to accomplish that. Since Anemo units scale well with EM, it makes for a decent comp.

However, make sure the initial hit from the Elemental Skill does not hit any enemies at the start of the fight. The initial hit applies a very strong Electro Aura that you will have a hard time replacing with Pyro.

Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu

The infamous Elemental Burst of Raiden and the secret art of the Electro Archon is the Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu. It’s primarily four talents in one, as it converts normal attacks into burst damage, boosting it. It then regenerates energy for the entire team, gaining resistance to interruptions, and immunity to Electro-Charged damage. Finally, it allows other team members to build ‘resolve’ stacks for Raiden, and upon burst, gain damage bonus based on these resolve stacks.

Unfortunately, we can’t make use of all these effects with the Elemental Mastery Raiden build. But we still need the Burst to regenerate Energy for the team at least. So this talent is still relevant, and worth leveling.

Using Burst during both Xiangling and Sucrose‘s Pyro infused Burst, to make sure Raiden’s rapid electro application doesn’t override the Pyro aura on enemies.

Note that Raiden’s passive Enlightened One allows her to generate more energy for the team, based on her own Energy Recharge stat. So even if we don’t build for damage scaling, Energy Recharge on Raiden is still very important to buff the entire team.

Raiden Shogun, Endless Overload Team Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique playstyle that relies on switching characters and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of the Endless Overload Raiden build is knowing which characters will accompany her, and what roles they will play.

In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best characters that synergize well with this build. It’s universally recommended for you to use a five-star support character, but our build could be done with four star characters only if needs be. That doesn’t mean you can’t get upgrades from five-star characters, because you could argue a special case for some Anemo units such as Venti or Kazuha. However, I still recommend using a healer in the fourth slot instead.


Having Xiangling at C4 is highly recommended for this team setup. That’s an easy requirement to meet since Xiangling is a guaranteed character from clearing the Spiral Abyss third floor. She has been featured in many limited banners, and older players will have enough copies of her by now.

Unlike most other builds, Xiangling in this build requires more than her Elemental Burst to function. For Raiden to proc Overload, we need a constant Pyro Aura, with up to 100% uptime. However, Xiangling as a sole Pyro unit can’t maintain that as at C4, her burst stays up for 14 seconds with a 20 second cooldown. That leaves a huge gap to fill, and that’s where the combination of her Elemental Skill and Anemo units comes into play.

If we optimize the rotation, Xiangling can throw her Guoba bear into the battle twice in a rotation. Once before her Burst, and once more after her Burst ends. In both instances, we have to use the Anemo character to Swirl and spread the Pyro aura, and with either Sucrose, Sayu, or Kazuha‘s Skill, we can achieve that.

Xiangling‘s burst has a high Energy cost of 80, but the Emblem of Severed Fate Artifact set solves the entire problem, as well as adding some additional damage to her. We build Xiangling as a support and sub DPS, with good weapons and artifacts. She can snapshot the attack buff from Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and the damage increase lasts for the entire duration. She also gains the benefit from Pyro resistance shred from Viridescent Venerer. She will not cause any reactions, besides the odd Overloads that happen when Raiden applies large amounts of Electro, but ideally we don’t want her to cause any reactions.


For the main stat, we give her a Crit Rate/Crit Damage Circlet, a Pyro Damage Bonus Goblet, and an Energy Recharge Sands. For sub stats, we take all % AttackCrit Rate/Crit Damage, and Energy Recharge we can get.

As a sole Pyro, the Energy requirement for Xiangling goes much higher than usual. A part of it could be covered by Raiden Shogun‘s energy regeneration, but only a portion. She needs to get her Energy recharged from Artifacts and weapons. I’m personally building over 230% Energy Recharge for Xiangling in this team, to be certain she can burst on cooldown after the first rotation. However, you can get away with 215% ER in the Sayu variation of the build. You can also go below 200% ER if you are using the Favonius Lance on Xiangling. When it comes down to it, it’s better to test for yourself, and see what’s sufficient for you.

You also want to maintain 1:2 Crit Rate : Crit Damage ratio, accounting for the 12% Crit Rate from The Catch if you use it.


the catch polearms weapon genshin impact wiki guide 150pxIn recent patches, the number of Polearm choices for Xiangling has increased a lot and she’s got so much flexibility with them. New weapons such as The Catch can be the best option for Xiangling as sub dps role. In Overload team, The Catch is better used on Xiangling than Raiden, since Raiden scales better with Elemental Mastery.

Xiangling can do well with the Favonius Lance, however, especially at high refinement, it provides the entire party with energy particles. It has a high base attack among four-star weapons, and a decent Energy Recharge sub stat, which would double down as more Burst uptime, and more damage with Emblem of Severed Fate. If you have the Favonius Lance at high refinement, Xiangling can use it in case it would allow you to switch to %Attack on Sands. If it doesn’t, you’d better stick with The Catch for more DPS.

Another pure DPS option is the limited polearm, Wavebreaker’s Fin, especially at high refinement. The weapon scales up with the Energy cost of the entire party, and this Overload team has the absolute highest energy cost in the game. With Raiden Shogun costing 90 Energy, and the three other slots costing 80 each, the total cost goes up to 330. That grants the wielder of Wavebreaker’s Fin the maximum damage multiplier of 79% at max refinement, and beats most five-star weapon options.


Emblem of Severed Fate has become a standard artifact set for Xiangling in the support role. It’s especially best in slot if Xiangling is not performing reactions to justify other Pyro sets. In this build, as a sole Pyro character, Xiangling has a very high energy recharge requirement, so Emblem of Severed Fate is a natural fit.

There’s no competition over Emblem of Severed Fate in this team, so Xiangling has to get the best pieces of the set in order to pump up her damage.


Any team relying on reactions to deal damage can benefit greatly from the use of Sucrose in the team. This Endless Overload Raiden team has Sucrose as the backbone for all reactions, or you could say that she is the glue that makes the team stick together. First, you have to Swirl Pyro before any reactions occur, shredding Pyro resistance through Viridescent Venerer, and share the EM bonus with the entire team. So you need Sucrose to be at C1 at least, to get two Casts of her Elemental Skill.

As for maximum damage, you have to Swirl Guoba himself, right before he hits enemies. That way, you spread Pyro before the first tick of Raiden’s skill hits the enemies.

Then we use Sucrose‘s Elemental Burst to infuse Pyro as well, so for 8 seconds, Sucrose gathers enemies and applies AOE Pyro. This part is very crucial to allow Raiden to Burst, without Electro taking over Pyro aura. Raiden applies so much Electro with Burst, so Sucrose’s Pyro infused Burst on top of Xiangling‘s Burst should compensate for it.

The gathering of Sucrose‘s Burst is also important to at least keep enemies in proximity for the AOE. That’s a counter measure to deal with the constant knockback from Overload hits.

It’s important to note that upgrading Sucrose‘s talent skills add very little value. Instead, spend your resin to acquire Ascension material and level her up to 90. That gives much more value to your resources.


Sucrose build’s is typical to every other team she’s in, we go full EM on all slots, Goblet, Headpiece, and Sands. That’s meant to maximize the Swirl reaction damage of Sucrose, and EM sharing buff for the team. Swirl damage is not affected by Attack or Crit stats, so we fully ignore them. On top of that, the Swirl reaction is affected by character level, so Sucrose is one of the characters we can level up all the way to 90.

For sub stats, you always need more EM, and Energy Recharge. Everything else is irrelevant.



Since this team doesn’t have Bennett, and lacks many sources of Attack buffing, we use Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on Sucrose. The weapon gives a 48% Attack buff for the next character switched in after the wielder, so we feed this buff to Xiangling. It goes well with our rotation of casting Sucrose’s Skill, then switching to Xiangling, avoiding additional hassle.

This weapon doesn’t need a high level to function, as it gives the same buff from level one. So you can save your resources and not level it.

If you are building a full Attack Sayu, with huge DPS and healing, feeding her the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers buff becomes an option. However, if you don’t use an Anemo healer, and go for either Kokomi or Barbara, you can give either of them the buff. That leaves Sucrose with the option to use an EM weapon, such as Mappa Mare or better yet, Sacrificial Fragments. That will alter the rotation a bit, but provides a higher EM buff for the team, and higher swirl damage for Sucrose.


Sucrose needs the Viridescent Venerer here in order to shred Pyro resistance for all Raiden Overload damage, Xiangling‘s burst damage, and Sucrose‘s Pyro infused Burst. It requires Sucrose to be an active character on the field to proc the reaction and shred resistance.

This debuff lasts for 10 seconds, so you have to get back to Sucrose within 10 seconds of switching her out in order to refresh the duration. If your Sucrose is at C2 or higher, you can count two seconds after Sucrose‘s burst ends. This is a good time to get out of the Raiden’s Burst to get back to Xiangling (for Guoba’s second cast) and then switching to Sucrose.

Viridescent Venerer also buffs Sucrose’s swirl damage, the same way the Thundering Fury buff deals Overload damage. It gives a higher modifier of 60% damage though, so if fully built, Sucrose can contribute a lot to the team’s total DPS.


The fourth slot in the team is more flexible and can be filled with several options. Whether you pick a second Pyro unit to apply additional Pyro, or go for a Hydro healer with the intention of Forward Vaporize Hydro charged attacks. Or even go for a passive healer that can build up good damage with the Ocean-Hued Clam set. All of these options are valid, but in my opinion, Sayu is the strongest of them all, with more synergy than at first glance.

First of all, Sayu is a healer, which means that she can build damage with the Ocean-Hued Clam with sufficient investment, as well as keeping your team alive. But being an Anemo character, adds a further perk to the team which is Anemo Resonance. Anemo Resonance is rarely used outside of a Xiao team, but it’s very strong and very subtle if used in the right circumstances. It reduces stamina consumption by 15%, increases Movement SPD by 10%, and Shortens Skill CD by 5%.

All of these are nice quality of life features, but Reducing cooldown is a huge damage increase as well. It effectively cuts 1 second of the cooldown from all of Sayu‘s Burst attacks, Xiangling‘s, and Sucrose‘s. Effectively resulting in a rotation that’s three seconds shorter, with a higher percentage of uptime for all talents. So instead of a 24 second rotation, you can compress your rotation into 22 or 21 seconds, resulting in a significant damage per second increase.

On top of this, Sayu is capable of infusing Pyro in her hold version of the Elemental Skill. That allows her to fill the gaps between Xiangling and Sucrose‘s bursts, as she can infuse Pyro from Guoba alone while Burst remains on cooldown. So you get to apply Pyro much faster, allowing more hits of Raiden to Overload.

EM scaling

Finally, when you get Sayu to C6, eventually, she will scale her healing with EM as well as Attack. That means she will benefit from Sucrose‘s EM buff for both healing and dealing damage, resulting in more team DPS.

If you don’t use the Ocean-Hued Clam set for damage, you can go with a full EM build on Sayu as well, to maximize Swirl damage similar to Sucrose.

Sayu‘s Place in Rotation

You always want to use Sayu after Raiden’s Burst, and after the second cast of Xiangling‘s Skill, to infuse her skill with Pyro from Guoba. It’s the exact time when most team talents are on cooldown, and you have to fill the gap. You also need to cast Sayu’s skill after casting Burst, to allow her skill to generate energy for her Burst. This is also to make sure she doesn’t die while going sonic on enemies at melee range.

Her Burst has a 12 second duration, on a 20 second cooldown. That means you don’t get to enjoy the full uptime, nor the full uptime of healing. So you’d better save it for the second half of the rotation (after Raiden’s burst), to heal allies who already have taken damage, and to add little Swirl reaction while Sucrose’s talents are on cooldown. It causes Sayu not to benefit from several energy particles generated early in the rotation and rises her ER requirement a little.


At zero Constellations, Sayu scales her healing mainly with an Attack stat. Her Elemental Burst ticks every 1.7 seconds, and either: heals or damage enemies, while healing scales on Attack. Additionally, triggering a Swirl reaction will let Sayu have an extra heal that scales with the EM stat, but only while Sayu‘s on the field. So if you build Sayu using low constellations, you need to build for %Attack on Goblet, %Attack on Sands, and a Healing Bonus on Circlet. Or you could get Energy Recharge on Sands instead if you are using a weapon with an Attack bonus.

The first Constellation that unlocks the ability for her Elemental Burst is to heal and deal damage simultaneously, causing more healing and damage overall. However, it’s her sixth Constellation that unlocks all of Sayu‘s full potential in this build. It adds further scaling to both damage and healing, based on her EM stat. So you should go for full EM on Goblet, Sands, and Circlet if you can.

For sub stats, you want to get more EM%Attack, and as much Energy Recharge as you can get. With a proper rotation, you cut the Energy Recharge requirement of Sayu to 140~150%. This goes even lower while using Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Claymore. The weapon provides 46% ER on its own, so you don’t need any ER from sub stats.


bloodtainted greatsword claymore weapon genshin impact wiki guide 150pxSayu is the sole Claymore user in the team, so you can give her any choice among a wide range of support or DPS weapons. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is one weapon that solves all energy for Sayu, allowing her to go full EM, or Attack, but it’s not the only weapon. A better ER weapon is the infamous five star Skyward Pride.

Sayu can also go for either an EM weapon, or Attack weapon, as both work to scale her damage and healing. For EM, there are two strong options, the three star Bloodtainted Greatsword, which provides the highest EM in the Claymore category. There’s also Rainslasher for the higher base attack, and slightly less EM, which is better due to the lack of Attack buff.

akuoumaru claymore weapon genshin impact wiki guide 150pxwolfs gravestone claymore weapon genshin impact wiki guide 150pxFor Attack weapons, there are even stronger weapons for Sayu. From the event reward, Luxurious Sea-Lord, to the limited Akuoumaru, and finally the five star Wolf’s Gravestone. All are solid weapons that can do better than craftable weapons. Especially the Wolf’s Gravestone weapon which gives Sayu herself the highest damage and healing outcome; and can buff all allies with another Attack buff.

To find more in-depth comparison between weapons, check out my Sayu weapons Google Sheet


Sayu can use Viridescent Venerer here, however, it’s inferior to the new healing set, Ocean-Hued Clam in both damage and healing. In terms of team buffs, the set bonus is already applied with Sucrose, and it can’t stack by itself; so Viridescent Venerer is wasted on Sayu.

If you care about team buffing, Sayu can use the Instructor option, for less Sayu damage and healing, adding more Raiden Overload damage. Or better still, you should just stick with Ocean-Hued Clam and enjoy a much smoother gameplay experience.

Sayu can stay on the field for up to seven seconds while holding her Skill, which is important in order to continue applying Pyro aura. Between this active field time, and off-field Burst heals, Ocean-Hued Clam will build up decent numbers, turning every three seconds into AOE damage. Even on single targets, a total new damage source such as the Ocean-Hued Clam is much higher than any increased existing damage source that Sayu already boosts.

To examine the in-depth comparison between Viridescent Venerer and Ocean-Hued Clam with various main stats, check out my Sayu Artifact Google Sheet

You have reached the end of the Guide. We hope you found this build useful, and hopefully, it gives you a good idea of how to maximize Raiden’s potential.

Genshin Impact is now available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4 and PS5. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out more even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides and be sure to not miss our Kaeya And Rosaria Reverse Melt Build as well as our index of 10 Best Talents to Crown Guide for more ideas on how to optimize other Genshin characters.

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