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Marko Goltnik 3 Mayıs 2021
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Van der sar best troll of the day :)
Ricky Schruefer 3 Mayıs 2021
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I did some math to hopefully help everyone out here...

Out of current Xbox prices, the average Premier League TOTS costs about 760,567. With the SBC costing around 10k, the SBC will be worth it if you get a TOTS in 1 out of every 76 SBCs done. Playstation prices are even higher so it would be worth it even more on PS. Nick estimated that you probably get one TOTS in every 50. Assuming Nick is correct, it would be worth it to do this SBC. Important to note: this is assuming you get a random TOTS, even though we know we are more likely to get Ederson than Rashford. Hope this helps!
Rudy92140 3 Mayıs 2021
| | |
I kept 25 player picks , and i packed tots cancelo and tots luke shaw i am so happy
Friday's Soccer Fries 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Can u do a review on mount
Londer G 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
I wonder do Americans watch that football they call MLS or watch the real stuff in Europe because of the time difference, anyone ?
Kevin Steadman 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Anyone know the song in the background at 5:40?
Matthew Duncan 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Nick never forget you’re the best Fifa content creator there is.
Bartol Ćatić 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
I love his accent when he said Modric
Jelle Verlinde 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Let's go got gold 1 for the first time!!
FRIXIO 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
The last dude got van der sar and also inzaghi from another pack
"l am not promoting violence, but you got to do what you have to do"😂
Emperor Palpamemes 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
I got trolled by that Australian left back in the EFL league when I opened my 83x25 pack but when I opened my 75+ player pack I got mason mount what is this game
Luc Wijngaard 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Bruh I thought there was a player pick that would get you a PL TOTS
Mohamed Taufiq 2 Mayıs 2021
| | |
nick i packed moments gullit from attacker icons pack
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