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  1. Power -packed. Such a blessing. Thank you so much for this episode. I learnt the importance of prayer. That's our spiritual weapon. Glory to God for our victory regardless of the circumstances. Thank you so much sir.

  2. This movie is powerful. I will make sure I get as many people as I can to watch it.

    My prayer altar, receive fire 🔥. I must win in the games of life.

    I don't want Uncle Wale to die.

    God bless you, PVO. I am happy for the Christian movies we have nowadays. Depth, revelations, insight, excellence in production.

  3. What a life without Jesus. Tragedy befalls such a man who lives his life not having the presence of the Almighty. Such a man is nothing but a prey in the mouth of the devil. Security is not assured. But in His ever enveloping Presence there is security, safety, protection and power. For the Lord our God is a Strong Tower….
    He that dwells in the Secret place of the Most High…. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. The power of prayer can never be over emphasized. Prayers draws the attention of heaven to step into matters. Alheri and the tongues blasting, I was practically shaking my head where I was…This more that a drama. If there are men to pray then there is a God to answer. I am so looking forward to Season Three.God bless you PVO and the entire crew.

  5. The people who do things like dr. Jacob are always fearless because they are backed by some power. We who are children of the Most High and all powerful God still fear in the face of crisis. May the Lord help us to be confident in our God.

  6. This movie is a product of divine inspiration. I always anticipate for more! I can't wait for Season 3 to be out.
    I have learnt the place of fervency in prayer and intercession. The importance of godly friends who are burden bearers.
    GAMES has blessed me in no small way. God bless PVO and the production crew.

  7. Wow.. this is powerful!
    Please I also want to ask what the title of the song played doing the previously part is and who sang it? Anyone that knows it please 🙏

  8. God bless you Daddy olukoju
    Thank you so much for releasing yourself to God.
    This is beyond movie it’s a revelation
    I actually have been following Games from season one but this episode got me the most it’s mind blowing how it’s turning out.
    I had to pause this episode and really pray in the spirit.
    Indeed we wrestle not against flesh and blood!
    More Grace daddy and you will never loose your relevance.!

  9. This movie is reviving my prayer life 😭😭😭.. people standing in gap every where❣️
    . I don't know if is possible to couple the episode together to view it in church for our youth program Daddy PVO….

  10. Jas.5.16b – …The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. — INDEED…Help me Lord to be a praying Christian 🙏🙇🏻‍♀️

    Thank you reawakening this consciousness in me.🙏
    More Grace in Jesus Name. Amen.

  11. As a young lady, this episode makes me crave for alertness in the spirit like Pastor Wunmi is as a wife. The way she knew something was up with her husband without him having to mention it.. can’t wait for Season 3, I just heard about Games on Monday and I’m already caught up😂

  12. Wow
    Prayer is the weapon of all the believers✊
    This movie is the kind of movies that will help a lot of people that will be watching it all over the world,GOD BLESS PVO and his members,
    Even when you feel uncomfortable 😣 pray✅

  13. Wow
    See how the hearts of men can be controlled by the devil just with one voice in one room with a devilish alter🤕

    Just the same way God can control the hearts of men just with one voice in one room with a Godly alter😇

    I don't really comment publicly on the movies I watch
    But just had to on this one

    Watching this movie
    I've really been blessed
    God bless everyone that put in their efforts for the achievement of this
    Your blessings will surely not elude you 🙏🙏

  14. The way people are going and growing for God is 🔥🔥🔥Eii, so,what I'm I doing??
    In every of the episode, I couldn't help but join praying in the spirit 😢😢
    Thank you Daddy PVO for this spirit awakening movie.
    Every member discharged well and it wasn't in the flesh.
    But, I love the person who played the role of Miracle most.

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