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  1. Neir Automata was a amazing successor, very few will say bad. It's a shame fromsoft broke out, I found demon souls to be one of the worst rpg action I ever played, DS1 pretty much the same, slow, design felt dated, enemies over bearing to a point you can do all the right things but still lose because well…..the game was built for you to lose. the series is in my top 10 of worst games. TR AoD, yes I had this, you nailed it, it hyped up but ended being awful, one of them I returned very quickly to the store, quicker then I did with demon souls.

  2. It's cool to see that it was never the "games" fault, but bad business practices that led to these failures for the most part

    big takeaway:
    never rush a huge complicated project

  3. apb is PlayStation home mostly just a chilln place I play apb if they even did a lottle more work on it it be better not even alot of of work just a bit

  4. I still play Kingdoms of Amalur, actually, the lore feels messy and hard to comprehend, but I loved the gameplay and the characterization you can do. It always felt like something that was underhyped, like Pure. Or Darkness 2.

  5. I'm surprised that Tabula Rasa and Destination Games isn't on this list. TR was fun, and the brainchild of the legendary Richard Garriott, but then Dick got the chance to go to space and started focusing on that and the game and company subsequently fell into ruin.

  6. I got picked up legends used in like 2014 for my xbox 360. The campaign was horrible but it was so bad it was fun. the couch co-op was really quirky and weird though which actually made it a really fun party game for my friends and I being in middle school. I would've been livid if I paid $60 for it when it came out but picking it up 2 years later for $5 made it fun. I'm not saying it wasn't a bad game though.

  7. I think I may be in a super minority but I genuinely enjoyed Too Human. I was super disappointed when I learned the series would never be completed. The idea of norse mythology in a cybertech world was really interesting to me.

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