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Umbrella Corporation dünyayı değiştirecek Korku serisine dayanan Resident Evil ve T-virüsü…

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  1. This doesn't even look bad. Not resident evil worthy but all this hate without even watching the damn thing is just outta pocket🤣

  2. I might watch this for the lulz. Looks pretty bad but I did enjoy Infinite Darkness Netflix. Keep the Resident Evil CGI movies/mini series coming please :3

  3. Uuhhhh a brand new take on Wesker?? And I don't understand it's 15 years after the beginning of the trailer or after the initial outbreak cus why is there a new raccoon city, so there's Gunna be 2 outbreaks?? And honestly Wesker never struck me as a guy who wanted kids, but I'm curious to his relationship with his wife?? I'm Gunna go into this pretending it's an alternate timeline especially since umbrella is still around and theres no mention of the bsaa or the new/good umbrella oh and the fact that Wesker is alive 15 years laters and smearing blood on his face?? Classic Wesker, also props on the spider and making the cgi better than birkin in welcome to rc but was that a giant caterpillar?

  4. Ok while I love the games, I’m actually excited for this take. Netflix has a pretty descent track record for these kind of high budget things looks insanely cool and I like some of the ideas here. Will definitely give it a chance and see what it brings to the table. However I love how they have a almost fateful adaptation of source material in the movie welcome to raccoon city (which had literal shots from the game) and everyone freaked over a couple of the casting and the few plot points they did change. To me if you want the exact game story than play the game. Movies have a small window to put the story in and while shows are definitely the way to go when making adaptations of game I think there need to be some liberties taken or you would know exactly what’s gonna happen and when, which would be absolutely dull and boring. Don’t see why all the hate when you haven’t even seen it yet.

  5. I bet if I was someone who never played the games or read the books. Watched this show with a blank slated mind. I'd probably like this scifi horror no doubt.
    but nope. I totally played the games

  6. Ngl looks like, their conversation bout the story prob sounded like

    "-did u inform urself bout the original story and product?

    -Nah but the monsters look cool, lets put all monsters from the game series and make some sort of Maze Runner 3 or old RE Films (the ones with Milla Jovovich)

    – u r god damn right!"

  7. At this point, get your self a ps5 and play the remasters. They're actually really good. And resident evil 4 in vr.. sick!!!!!

  8. Y'all are haters. This looks sick AF. Resident Evil can do whatever they want it's always gonna be a thrill ride. You all hated 8 Village until it came out and now it's the best one. Resi fans don't know what they want. Thanks Netflix for taking a chance 🙏🏻

  9. I actually agree with most people in the comments. I actually grew up playing every single resident evil. Make it survival horror and follow the games. If they can do that right, it’ll literally explode over night. You think someone at some point would go, maybe we should follow the games? 🙄

  10. Just look at the damn source material, play the damn games and figure the damn thing out for once in your lazy, miserable, insufferable lives.

  11. Guys come on stop complaining about not having a movie based on the game with the characters from the games. This is just something different. If you don't want to watch don't watch no one forces you. If you could do a better movie go talk to someone and maybe make tour own movie but stop posting hate comments all over the internet about some movies. I don't like it, tho. I watched the 6 resident evil movies but this one has nothing to do about it. The resident evil 6 has to do with alice curing the world but this is… different

  12. So we have no hot police officers, none of the amazing side characters to the leads like ada,no original big bad guys…wtf is Netflix doing.. should’ve just stuck with infinite darkness that at least had a chance to get better

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