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  1. The teenage drama stuff was just flat out bad. Neither character was likeable and their adult characters weren't better. It's a hard watch when you can't root for a protagonist especially when they constantly make the dumbest decisions.

    Lance's portrayal of Wesker is the only reason to watch this show.

  2. I think that in the First episode the are not guards in the umbrella Lab becouse they May think that no One would be so stupid to enter their facility in their own city but once the facility was compromised once they had swat teams ready to intervene… it's a bit of a Stretch but It might work

  3. Honestly I agree with the first few episodes being pretty weak. I stuck with it because honestly I'll eat up anything resident evil and I can just half-listen while playing minecraft but the second half of the season I really enjoyed.
    Don't get me wrong, you still need to be more open minded to enjoy it, but a lot of the story and action went really out-there and over the top, but it was ridiculous in that kind of resident evil way that makes me like the games. As soon as Weskers backstory was being expanded I was paying full attention and actually laughing more than I thought I would. I actually want a season 2 now, although I'm sure it won't live up to the expectations in my head.
    Tl:dr at least it was leagues above Welcome To Raccoon City.

  4. I love your carbon grey decor style with the light dado rails, complete with wood floor. Comparing two shits in a toilet, I think that sums up all movies since the early to mid 2000's.

  5. Good or bad? It’s shit. And jade is such a damn brat. Can’t stand her.
    And why’s wesker black?! It’s so fucking confusing…. What’s next? Barry being white?

    And what is up with the teenage drama bullshit? And people making dumb decisions like bringing a zombie into the ship?? Oh… it’s Jade again.

  6. I was surprised it took place in the actual game universe. Wesker and Evelyn were the best character imo. I felt like some of it dragged and I wish there were more monsters. Why is it always lickers? give us some hunters!

  7. Honestly, I hated a lot of it but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen. I think it at least had more of an engaging plot than Infinite darkness lol

  8. I watched it the day it came out and I loved it it was amazing it wasn’t as good as infinite darkness but it was really good

  9. I’ll never get the in-name-only approach to adapting media.

    I wish they’d just come out and say we’re banking on the name. That’s all it is…

  10. My thing is that the Lickers were going for BOTH parties instead of the group making the most attention. Yes the survivors were making some noise but it felt weird when most of them still got killed despite how Lickers typically work.

  11. If there's anything I've learned in the last 5-10 years, it's that none of these shows or movies are made for us. It's for the people who have passing knowledge who still go "I know that thing," when they see the Umbrella logo

  12. all this time and they still can't get the game right on film its a joke !! I saw it advertising but I wasn't at all interested and I'm a big RE fan from when it all started on PS1 but this WTF is this crap

  13. I am also fan of all the resident evil franchise games. Alright lets start. My pov of all these netflix RE episodes its show me the future of RC on 2022. Which mean there were same timeline as the actual game timeline I guess. Like, when that mexican guy(forgot his name) found out the goverment hide about 1998 Racoon City get nuked. Then, Jade found out "LISA" footage is show the mansion from RE1. Then, 2022 Outbreak happened again like 1998 RC when Albert blew up the new Umbrella Corps and the Tyrant got released. So thats why the outbreak became till 2036. Plus this series show to me also that Weskers bloodline still on going which is we got Billie Wesker take over the Umbrella's future eventhough all of these characters in this series keep bring up that the OG Wesker died at volcano which is OG Wesker died to Chris Redfield on RE5(lol). Plus I still questioning myself. Evelyn.. is she from Resident evil 7 or what. Cuz for what I know that Evelyn got killed by Ethan lol. The most shocked me up is when Jade open the paper its show that they got to be fetch by Ada Wong at the end of these series lol. This is my pov on the series not that bad but I kinda enjoy it not as bad as Resident Evil Welcome To Racoon City lol thats was really bad movie. Im waiting for what next season coming Resident Evil netflix

  14. You my brain has been boiling with pain until recently but I think you can do your 20hr runs without risking yourself by stepping into a safe room to get a sandwich or take a leak I couldn't make myself think

  15. The problem with the show is the expectations that people had for it… They expected it to be the live action Resident Evil we never got it, but it was never going to be that to begin with, and I feel like they were pretty upfront this would exist in it's own universe based off the lore of the games. I found the season really thrilling and well written over all but I went into it with a pretty open mind 🤷‍♂️

  16. I personally enjoyed it as a die hard RE fan, of course everyone has their gripes but as a fresh and current take on the series and current time events along with the nods to the game moments. It was pretty well done and interesting, i would love to see a 2nd season but, i have no idea how they could transition the future portion…i thought there was going to be another alice situation with the daughters

  17. There's definitely aspects of the show I enjoyed. It totally felt like an unused script that they injected with RE references. The nods they made to the video games felt more natural than they did in Welcome to Raccoon City. The actors did the best they could with the material and I can't fault them for it.

  18. absolutely loved this show and while it didnt follow the games to a tea what people need to understand is an adaptation is just that. And you got to watch stuff like that with an open mind and cant get all pissy because someone does something in it you dont like. I believe if die hard purists are going to hate on stuff like this series and the movies. well go make your own adaptation then if you can do better

  19. My fav character of the series was "Baxter" when he went full chris redfield vendetta on the zombies lol, so sad they killed him

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