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Andres Ronaldo 18 Şubat 2021
| | |
Hey im looking foward to have my own collection, any ideas where can i find the first 3 resident evil games?
Matthew Harrison 26 Aralık 2020
| | |
My first game was RE5 back in 2 years ago. And my second games was RE3 remake that was 2 weeks ago.
Resident Evilfan666 5 Kasım 2020
| | |
i hope that capcom will released Resident Evil Outbreak 1 and Resident Evil file 2 for ps4 someday i missed those games i haven't play outbreak file 2 sadly but i did play the first one but i haven't finished yet i was on hellfire the level i remember what it was called and that the fourth level i believe and that one and it was so hard to beat
Too bad I only have digital games

On Steam :
RE0 HD Remastered
RE1 Remake HD Remastered
RE2 Remake
RE4 Ultimate HD
RE5 Golden Edition

On Switch
Yes I don't buy Triple pack because overprice rather than PS4 and the download size was 18GB for just RE5
Shadow Kazuma 7 Temmuz 2020
| | |
I dont know if you want to get the sega satrun but the satrun version had some extra content theres is a misson mode and wesker is a zombie in that mode and the game got a diffrent monster that dont exist in the ohter versions not alot people know about it
Jayden Valdez 4 Haziran 2020
| | |
Resident evil 6 is my favorite and 7 and Resident evil 7 and 2 remake and 3 remake are my favorite
Betto Sánchez 4 Mayıs 2020
| | |
No love for the PS3
Santisso YT 28 Nisan 2020
| | |
The Director's Cut is of 1997 no 1996
mikey mike 27 Mart 2020
| | |
fake ah re fan lmaoo
Darius The Factor 9 Mart 2020
| | |
Why not also include your Resident Evil Blu-Ray/DVD Movies & Toy Action figures collectables??
Resident Evilfan666 17 Şubat 2020
| | |
does resident evil operation raccoon city xbox 360 works on the xbox one
Deepak Malhotra 29 Ocak 2020
| | |
Resident evil 4 is my favourite
Dude this is one crazy awesome Collection of Resident Evil games
BallazCPT x 22 Aralık 2019
| | |
Can somebody explain why Resident Evil has so much Fans? Movies,Games,Merchandise it has millions of fans i only played Resident Evil 4 and 5, but i was a kid now i wanna start play them all in a row because it has a point that everybody is LOVING RE
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