LeBron ve Westbrook, Lakers’ın Yaz Ligi maçındaydı ama birlikte oturamadılar 👀 | Kalkmak

LeBron ve Westbrook, Lakers’ın Yaz Ligi maçındaydı ama birlikte oturmadılar | Kalk Kalk Kalk ekibi…

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  1. If the nets people are saying good luck Lebron we don’t want Kyrie then why haven’t they made the trade already. Oh I know if you trade Kyrie first you alienate kd even more

  2. Westbrook should want this trade to go down! The blame is going to shift to Kyrie!
    Lebron is going to play 0 defense and stat pad!
    AD is going to continue to play like trash and be injury prone!

  3. if LA keeps RW he can prove the doubters wrong by using that strong body to play defense, rebound, and occasional open shots if not slashing. He should watch how Iggy helped GS. 6:20😂😂😹

  4. Darvin Ham is the leader – PIPE DOWN! Sit back and watch the effectiveness of how GREAT LEADERSHIP works. Phil Jackson proved leadership is key. Monty Williams proved leadership is key. Steve Kerr proved leadership is key. Its funny listening to people discuss as "experts" on paper but in reality are "novices". They are some major mainstream GROUP THINKERS. Stop making fake news from your opinions – no one with media awareness intelligence is buying it.

  5. If kyrie does go to LA I promise u there will be drama what happens when kyrie don't wanna listen to the coach or doesn't wanna play his role those are some of the things he has done and he does have a history of getting injured in the playoffs

  6. Oh they’re both just toO full of themselves. important people are really focused on a variety of priorities. you know how it goes

  7. Dumbest move if Lakers get rid of Westbrook. Play out his contract and keep those draft picks. This team can win with these guys. Put it on them to do it. If they don't, they can't get back one of the last years they will play. Hold their feet to the fire and don't keep giving away the future, when there's no way to guarantee the team even wins a single playoff game with Kyrie. Work towards the future of the team!!!!

  8. Not goin lie , this was a funny segment. A unwilling screener setting screens for a unwilling shooter to shoot the ball is fundamentally insane 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Greeny's comment about a Westbrook and Simmons pick and roll would look like comedy on a basketball court. That unwilling screener setting picks for an unwilling shooter would just look crazy.

  10. That's not many screens at all. Need to get those numbers way up. As a guard I set at least 5 to 8 screens a game. And I also did a lot of cutting from through screens

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