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  1. It's either very old footage/old bug or the guide price of dragon platelegs had changed beyond a threshold during the point A and point B when you tested this.
    Since the "Are you trying to drop items in combat… 3… 2… 1.." message was implemented a couple years ago, around 2019 or so. It was to prevent clans from dropping their gear before dying and have their clan members pick it up, essentially turning a 400m kill to 3m. At launch that message would display on every item during combat which annoyed a lot of pkers, so they increased the threshold value to trigger the prompt because if you had to drop an item to equip a godsword and go in for a KO you'd be stopped by the message.

  2. How fun… Last week my game client completely shut down while fighting a boss in a quest where there was a cutscene midfight (where the game crashed, no attempting to reestablish) just like you alt + f4. I lost my firecape and fighter torso on my mid lvl account. Going afk for a long time…

  3. @sirpugger you might want to look into Prifddinas. There are bots with low stats but 104 to 106 thieving level at elves. The one I've been seeing a lot are around the farming patch area.

  4. A bot that kills bots. Why hasn't Jagex made this an npc before? I understand they have tried similair things and made them game mechanics but what would be so bad about having the wilderness patrolled by NPC's like this. They could be setup to target random players but back off from killing someone when they respond like a player.

    Sure thats a level of security that could be thwarted by the bots once the metric is leaked but isn't that just the age old story of security? P vs nP.

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