Herkesin En Az Bir Kez Oynaması Gereken 101 Video Oyunu

Yıllar boyunca, tüm franchise’ları sıraladık, kritik sevgilileri alkışladık ve kendilerini hayal kırıklığına uğratanları herkesin önünde utandırdık.

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  1. REMINDER: This is not a definitive list of the best video games ever made but rather our personal picks for titles we reckon you NEED to play, and as such is in *no particular order*. These games have been selected with availability in mind, so a title won't make the cut if you can't easily get your hands on it today! OH, and Marvel's Spider-Man is coming to PC on August 12th & Persona 5 Royal is coming to Xbox Series/Nintendo Switch on October 21st (recent announcements).

    🎮With that said, how many of them have you played, and what would make your personal list? 🎮

  2. No ROTTR?!? No KillZone 2?!? BullShit! Plus I say that with 5 E's like a Southerner! 🤨🙄 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec?!? Blinx the Time Sweeper?!? BloodBorne?!? SSX 3?!? Also Radiant SilverGun on Sega Saturn! Virtua Cop 2 on Saturn! I also pick Arkham City over Asylum and Dead Space 2 over 1! Both were Horrifying! Not one Need For Speed game?!? Are you out of your EFFING MIND?!? 🙄🤨

  3. Did nor like the list. Many of the games are outdated( specially FPS), people get blind by nostalgia. I think the list should focus on games with unique Gameplay, ir games that are best inside their genre. Honestly , the list is a joke.

  4. I doubt I’m going to manage getting through all 2 plus hours of this video but I would like to know if there are any games from the British micro scene on here?

  5. 101 games everyone should play? More like 101 of the most generic games ever made. Check out the new Command & Conquer remake for PC its 4K up to date Original with Xpac and Red Alert with Xpac and some bonus content like the ant missions and all that. See it wasn't that hard to pick a game that everyone on earth hasn't played already. Just do that 100 more times than remake this video to 101 games that everyone should play that you might not have played before.(aka the hidden gems)

  6. I've played games since the late 90s, but two games I've found via gamepass this year have pretty much top my own list:
    2. The Forgotten City
    1. Telling Lies

  7. Unfortunately, Nintendo is going to be closing the 3DS eShop in less than a year (March 2023). So if anyone wants to play Pokémon Yellow or any other digital title available on there, they better do it soon.

  8. I'm proud to say that I've played almost half of the games on this list!!

    Seriously, I kept count with a counter…

    47 outta 101 💪🏿💪🏿

  9. I think Rayman legends is an absolutely great platformer. It is possibly the greatest part in the franchise and I recommend it to anyone who likes platforming games even just a little bit.

  10. Hey guys in the Hades entry I think you got Supergiant Games and Supermassive Games mixed up! Supergiant was Hades, Bastion, Pyre and Transistor. Supermassive is Until Dawn et al
    Great vid tho!!!

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