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Hawkeye: Every Trick Arrow Clint & Kate Used

Warning! SPOILERS for Hawkeye

To the delight of Hawkeye audiences everywhere, Clint Barton’s and Kate Bishop’s legendary trick arrows have been featured heavily in Hawkeye episodes 3 and 4. Serving a variety of purposes, the arrows vary from explosive to utilitarian, but they also serve to prove Kate Bishop’s superhero-level archery skills to Hawkeye as she nails every target. Hanging out a window, flying off a bridge, clinging to a moving train, and zip-lining over a city street, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton have been putting Hawkeye’s famous trick arrows to work all over New York City in the latest Hawkeye episodes and there is likely more fun to come.

Disney’s Hawkeye follows the young Kate Bishop as she meets her idol, Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye), who has sought her out after Kate dons his Ronin suit and gets herself in trouble with the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint intends to reclaim the suit and return home to his family for Christmas, but his plans get derailed when the Tracksuit Mafia takes both him and Kate captive. Clint and Kate forge an unlikely friendship and Clint begins to train Kate until, in the most recent episode, Yelena appears and Clint severs ties with Kate in an effort to protect her. The pair goes their own ways at the end of Hawkeye episode 4, but it seems unlikely that the pair will remain apart, with better chances that they are back together and shooting up the town again in the near future.

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In Hawkeye season 1, episode 3, viewers begin to see more of Hawkeye’s trick arrows at work as Kate and Clint escape Maya and the Tracksuit Mafia. In a brilliantly comedic getaway sequence, Kate unleashes several of Clint’s trick arrows which cause chaos and breed hilarity. In Hawkeye episode 4, more trick arrows are featured when Hawkeye and Kate Bishop fight Yelena Belova and Maya on the rooftop. Here’s a breakdown of all of Hawkeye’s trick arrows used in Hawkeye episodes 3 and 4 and which trick arrows fans might see in coming episodes.

Putty Arrow


The putty arrow (or what Kate refers to as the “Play-doh” arrow) is the first of Hawkeye’s trick arrows to be used in Hawkeye episode 3, as Kate Bishop is hanging out of her and Clint’s getaway car. With the Tracksuit Mafia in hot pursuit through the city streets, Kate fires the arrow and it lands on the villain’s windshield causing purple goop to bubble up and block their line of sight. Clint tells Kate to “hit their wheels with the putty arrow,” revealing the arrow’s name and providing insight as to another way the arrow could be used. Later, in Hawkeye episode 4, when Kate breaks into Maya’s (a.k.a. “Echo” played by Hawkeye newcomer Alaqua Cox) apartment, she uses Hawkeye’s putty arrows again to cover the alarms.

Explosive Arrow


Following the putty arrow, Kate slips another of Hawkeye’s trick arrows from the quiver inside the car—an explosive arrow—and fires again at the Tracksuit Mafia. This time the arrow can be seen with its head lodged in the front of one of the trucks and blinking red before the truck instantly explodes. The flaming truck careens through the busy city street with little left but the shell—a testament to the force of the explosive.

Plunger Arrow


Another Hawkeye trick arrow launched by Kate during the chase with the Tracksuit Mafia (who always say “Bro”), the plunger arrow leaves Kate underwhelmed. Later, when Clint and Kate are desperate for a way off the bridge, Clint tells Kate to cover him as he makes a dash to recover this trick arrow, then uses it to cling to the side of the train during their escape. Over the sound of the train, Kate yells, “Now I get the whole plunger arrow thing!”

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Spider Web Grapple Arrow


The only unnamed trick arrow in Hawkeye episode 3, Kate fires the spider web grapple arrow into the front of the same Tracksuit Mafia truck that was initially the target of the putty arrow. On impact, the arrow disperses multiple wire lines that presumably have grapple points (and are possibly retractable) as they seem to lodge and grab the surrounding trees from the Christmas tree lot Hawkeye is driving through. The lines pull dozens of trees onto the car, prohibiting Kazi’s line of sight and the truck is lost in the tree lot.

Acid Arrow


While driving, Clint hands Kate two acid arrows and tells her to take out the stoplights. Kate shoots the signals and bright green corrosive acid can be seen eating away at the light’s wires. Soon, Hawkeye’s trick arrow causes the lights to fall to the ground, leading traffic to swerve and crash through the intersection. 

Smoke Bomb Arrow


As Maya pulls up next to Clint and Kate’s vehicle on the bridge, Clint engages with the Tracksuit Mafia thug in the passenger seat of the 1972 cherry red Dodge Challenger (a fantastic Easter egg in Hawkeye episode 3). Kate Bishop takes the opportunity to seize her bow from the backseat of the Challenger and uses it to fire a smoke bomb arrow into the Challenger’s dashboard. Hawkeye‘s trick arrow dispenses a thick cloud of purple smoke and Maya and the thug can be heard coughing before crashing the Challenger.

Pym Arrow


By far the most fantastic and satisfying of Hawkeye’s trick arrows from Hawkeye episode 3, Clint Barton is the one to fire the Pym Arrow. He hands Kate a normal arrow and tells her to “aim high” then releases the Pym arrow, which may be a nod to Hank Pym being the MCU’s new armorer. Clint’s shot taps Kate’s arrow in mid-air activating the Pym particles and the normal arrow becomes giant, crashing down into the back of the Tracksuit Mafia’s truck and wiping it out.

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USB Arrow


As Hawkeye makes a dash for the plunger arrow still stuck to the windshield of the Challenger, Kate is left to cover him with the USB arrow. While Kate remarks that only a “dongle arrow” would make the USB arrow useful, the arrow is one of Clint’s most brilliant as it can be fired from a distance to collect information or, as was the case in The Avengers, plant a devastating virus. The USB arrow is also seen in What If… ? season 1, episode 8, What if… Ultron Won, taking down a killer robot. In Hawkeye episode 3, Kate uses the arrow more as a prop while volleying threats at the Tracksuit Mafia in order to allow Clint enough time to grab the plunger arrow, the USB arrow simply bouncing off of the thug when fired and falling to the ground.

Grapple Arrow


In the climactic end to the chase scene with the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint and Kate fling themselves off the bridge and Clint fires a grapple arrow into the bridge’s ironworks. The pair swing into the underbelly of the bridge where they use the plunger arrow to cling to the side of a moving train. The grapple arrow is one of Clint’s most used arrows and is seen again in Hawkeye episode 4, with a slight modification.

Grapple Arrow #2 – Zipline Arrow


In Hawkeye episode 4, Clint fires a grapple arrow to offer Kate (played by Dickinson’s Hailee Steinfeld) an exit strategy from Maya’s apartment only this grapple arrow offers grappling hooks in two directions, creating a zipline. Kate launches herself onto the line using her bow to glide but gets hilariously stuck in the middle of the line, dangling far above the street. Yelena (Florence Pugh) uses the line in her fight with Clint and allows Kate a safe landing on the rooftop, followed soon by Maya.

Sonic Arrow


The sonic arrow brought an end to the rooftop battle in Hawkeye episode 4. After fighting Yelena and Maya on the rooftop with Clint, Kate gets flung over the side of the building (a Hawkeye episode 4 Easter egg) by Yelena. Kate furiously takes the building’s stairs to rejoin the battle, appearing on the rooftop and firing Hawkeye’s sonic arrow. The Hawkeye trick arrow’s blast sends everyone sprawling with everyone but Maya (who is already deaf) temporarily deafened by the blast.

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Electromagnetic Field Arrow

Another special Hawkeye trick arrow deployed by Clint is used after he escapes the Rockefeller tree in the season finale, which creates a powerful electromagnetic field once it hits an iron pole. The conductive field then draws in the metallic objects in the surrounding area to its focal point, thus disarming a significant number of Hawkeye‘s Tracksuit Mafia bros with one arrow.

Flash Bomb Light Arrow

Although it could possibly blind bystanders close to the center of the arrow’s impact, Hawkeye‘s flash bomb arrow is one of the only non-lethal darts in Clint and Kate’s trick arrow supply. Kate shoots the arrow toward a group of Tracksuit Mafia bros toward the Rockefeller building, blinding and disorienting them quickly as a means to escape at least one group that was enclosed on them. The flash bomb Hawkeye trick arrow only lasted for a short amount of time and was nonlethal, meaning it was only a temporary avenue of distraction for Kate and Clint.

Needle Spinning Arrow

Elsewhere at the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink in Hawkeye‘s finale episode, Kate fires an arrow that shoots a series of quill-like needles onto multiple Tracksuit Mafia members. Once the Hawkeye trick arrow made contact on the ice, its motor spun quickly to shoot out needles (or nails) from all sides. While it was unlikely that many of the high-speed barbs fatally injured Clinta and Kate’s enemies, they worked to at least maim a large group of compact Kingpin-run Hawkeye villains.

Freeze Arrow

At the same time during Hawkeye episode 6 in another corner of the ice rink, Clint Barton shoots a Tracksuit Mafia bro with an arrow that instantly freezes the limb it makes contact with. The masked Tracksuit bro who is the arrow’s target has his leg instantly frozen, which could dangerously lead to his leg being dismembered if the arrow doesn’t also come with an effect-reversal heat exchange mechanism. If Hawkeye‘s trick arrow does, then the arrow’s liquid nitrogen likely only temporarily froze the victim and melted his leg without any serious damage.

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Rocket Drone Arrow

Although only useful for taking out one enemy at a time, Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop also shoots an especially dangerous rocket drone arrow in Hawkeye‘s finale episode. When the arrow hits the target, it wraps around his legs and the rocket pulls him dozens of feet up into the sky with its jet contractions. Hawkeye‘s trick arrow successfully removed a Tracksuit Mafia bro from the ice rink, but it’s unknown whether it safely brought him back down, crashed, or ended in another lethal manner.

Electrical Rope Arrow

Having already been used to inhibit Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hawkeye brings back one of Clint’s trusty trick arrows in the season finale. Once shot at the Tracksuit Mafia bro, the electrical binding arrow wraps around the target to keep his arms pinned to his side and sends electric shockwaves to deter him from escaping. Effective as a nonlethal method of incapacitation, the trick arrow that Hawkeye uses only knocks the target unconscious.

Airbag Arrow

A new arrow for Clint’s supply, Hawkeye‘s theory-disproving finale episode also sees the protagonist deploy a dart that releases an enormous 10-foot-wide airbag upon impact. Hawkeye‘s trick arrow is shot into a group of Tracksuit Mafia bros running down the stairs, which, upon inflation, blows them sky high and likely breaks a leg or two.

Tranquilizer Arrow

Hawkeye Tranquilizer Arrow

Similar to Hawkeye‘s needle trick arrow, the heroes shoot a trick arrow that releases numerous tranquilizer darts to those nearby. Rather than maiming them with quills, Clint’s 360 degree-turning arrow shoots out sedative darts that immediately render the targets temporarily unconscious.

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Pepper Spray Arrow

Clint and Kate shoot another nonlethal, smokey dart in Hawkeye‘s finale that quickly distracts a large group of Echo’s fellow Tracksuit Mafia members. While it doesn’t necessarily knock any of the members unconscious, Hawkeye‘s mace trick arrow works to irritate their senses and nonfatally poison their enemies. At the very least, Hawkeye’s orange chemical mist temporarily blinded a few of the villains.

Shrinking Pym Arrow

In one of the most comedic moments of Hawkeye‘s final Tracksuit Mafia battle, two Tracksuit Mafia bros are driving one of their trucks towards Clint and Kate on the ice rink, until a special Pym arrow hits the truck and shrinks both the vehicle and bros to Ant-Man’s familiar size. Clint recalls that he doesn’t really know what happens to the bros or how to reverse the shrinking effects, though his problems are subsided once Hawkeye‘s owl picks up the truck and flies away with the men inside. In a deleted Hawkeye post-credits scene, the owl would have taken the shrunken Tracksuit Mafia bros to its nest.

“Too Dangerous” Arrow

Saved for the very end of Hawkeye‘s episode 6 finale, Kate shoots the most dangerous Hawkeye trick arrow yet, which Clint has labeled the “Too Dangerous” arrow. When trapped in the toy store with Kingpin, Kate shoots the seemingly unkillable Wilson Fisk with the arrow, finally knocking him incapacitated – at least briefly. This arrow seems to be a variation of the previously used explosive arrow, but Clint Barton deemed it far too dangerous for Kate to liberally use.

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Every Other Arrow Hawkeye Uses In The MCU

In addition to the fun that’s already been had, Clint Barton has used many other trick arrows as Hawkeye throughout the MCU. From nets to shockwaves, there is little Hawkeye’s arrows can’t do and fans may see some new arrows in the series as well. Here’s a list of the other arrows from Clint’s quiver that Hawkeye viewers may have to look forward to.

Flare Arrow: Used to light up the tunnels and discover Thanos’ Outriders in Avengers: Endgame

Electro-Disrupter Arrow: Used to trap The Vision in Captain America: Civil War

Burst Shot Arrow: First seen in Avengers during the Battle of New York

Disintegrating Arrow: First seen in Avengers during the Battle of New York

Shockwave Arrow: First seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron in the fight against Ultron at the African salvage yard.

Thermal (Incendiary) Arrow: Used against the Chitauri in the Battle of New York in Avengers.

Net Arrow: Deploys an energy net that stops Ultron Sentries in What If… Ultron Won?

Rocket Arrow: Hawkeye uses this arrow in What If… Ultron Won? to destroy the silo.

Mind-warp Arrow: Used against Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Scatter Arrow: Ant-Man rides the tip of this arrow in Captain America: Civil War

Force Field Arrow: Used in What If… Ultron Won? This arrow creates several small energy fields that knit together to create a wall of energy.

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