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Evil Dead 2 – Ash, Zaman Döngüsünde sıkıştı – TEORİ

Bu sefer … kişisel. Şu komik Bruce Campbell Soru-Cevap bölümünü buradan izleyin: Youtube’u geçmeme yardım et ….

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Tyrone Khan 1 Nisan 2021
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Always enjoyed evil dead when the TV series came I was blown away just waiting for next season
ZER0C00L 31 Mart 2021
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Congratulations on the 100k subs!
The evil dead 2 was more of a remake. They had more money from the first one and was able to make a better movie.

But this is interesting. Evil dead 2 is my all time favorite horror.
Ooooooorrrrrrr... as is a known fact confirmed by Bruce himself, the intro to the second movie is just an unfortunate reshoot that doesn't line up due to basically being a cliff notes version of the first film's events. They wanted to use the original film's actual footage for the intro, but only had the rights to the story and characters, not the movie itself. They instead decided to reshoot the whole recap sequence, including Sam Raimi having a cameo as Scotty, but for one reason or another, pretty much all of that got scrapped in favor of what we saw. Hence why the ending of the first film lines up with everything in the second perfectly, provided you skip the intro. Same for this one if you skip the last couple minutes and then watch Army of Darkness. Still a cool idea though.
Dusty Boot 30 Mart 2021
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Shadowfire204 30 Mart 2021
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I wish this were canon tbh
Goy Ishah 30 Mart 2021
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Theory is interesting.
So essentially, Ash was pursued and hunted by the evil force seen in the first two films.
Said force cannot kill him, and as "the chosen one" he's resistant to the power of possession the evil force so easily uses to take over literally anyone and everyone else.
Which is unusual, and unfortunate for said evil force.
As Ash is, in most respects, kind of a lovable buffoon, and should therefore be otherwise easy to kill.
So, it does the next best thing in order to keep him from fulfilling prophecy.
It attempts to drive him mad by making him relive the events of the first film no less than three times.
Making him kill, subsequently re-kill, and bury Linda (his girlfriend), no less than three times.
George Mcmillan 30 Mart 2021
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I used to own the same yellow 4 door Olsldsmobile as the one from the movie.
Cameron Harris 30 Mart 2021
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Man I love the movies & the series. I didn’t get to watch them till the series came out. Had never heard of it. Fell in love & binged the movies. He’s prolly one of my favorite actors
Geahk Burchill 29 Mart 2021
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I don’t think it’s meant to show Ash’s stupidity. I think the Raimis meant to indicate his stubbornness, willfulness, tenacity and individualism being the reasons he can’t be taken over by deadites.
burn1none 29 Mart 2021
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oh I love anything Evil Dead related. If you haven't already you should absolutely make sure you watch the Primitive Screwhead Edition which has every scene put back in to Army of Darkness and there is a similar cut of Evil Dead 2 that has more content. they are the definitive versions of these movies and may help add more to your theory
Yoda'sMomIsOnDrugs 29 Mart 2021
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I've been a fan for over 20 years and I must say the tv show was my favorite installment of Ashley and his adventures. That was brilliant theory and I now count it as cannon.
Amy Grzywinski 29 Mart 2021
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This a great theory
Jamaul Winston 29 Mart 2021
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So they made him the ultimate Uber minch ok
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