Erik Ten Hag’ın De Jong, Ronaldo, Kaptan Maguire ve Yeni İmzalar Üzerine Basın Toplantısı | REAKSİYON

İşte Erik ten Hag’ın Manchester United’ın transfer dönemiyle ilgili yorumlarıyla dolu basın toplantısı…

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  1. Here is Erik ten Hag's Manchester United press conference covered in full with his comments about Man United's transfer window, Cristiano Ronaldo, Frenkie de Jong, new signings and how all of his pre-season training plans have been going.

  2. ETH is throwing the ball in CR7’s court.

    Their last conversation seems to be that he was staying, all is well, he’s looking forward. If he now wants to leave, ETH didn’t hear anything about it, it’s for him to explain to ETH in person as a responsible, professional player.

    For Maguire as captain, he was non-committal too… He added that he needs to get to know all the payers still.

  3. Not talking to Ronaldo is rule I don’t talk to agents I talk to you.
    Btw I’m Dutch I saw how he worked by Ajax
    I’m a feyenoord supporter and we gonna miss Tyrell malacia.
    His will to wanna get better and the will of winning is there with good head on him.
    I think hey can make by you maybe not directly for sure second half of the season.

  4. The fact that Tan Heg is sticking with Harry Maguire as a first team player let alone captain tells me there will be a change of manager before the 22/23 season is done. If he thinks Harry brings the right energy , respect , communication skills , example set on the pitch how is he going to be successful ? It's not possible with this kind of vision and judgement. It's mind boggling.

  5. The Maguire assignment makes me question EtH's competence and sanity. Lol. I firmly count on us having a new captain. Maguire has proven time and time again that he is not captain material.

  6. Tbf to him, the internationals started training last week. I do feel that he is operating with a couple of his hands behind his back.

    Rumor has it that during his interview, he listed everything wrong with the club.

    Lastly, Man United NEED a No.6 (there's none in the squad) and need an out and out no 9…this is just to makeup the numbers. In reality, I feel that they need a couple of CBs, a RB, a couple of MFs, a CDM, a RW, a winger, a CF and a transfer negotiator .

  7. Maguire still captain… 57 goals conceded, no consequences (?) that's more than Brentford ffs. United have lost there mojo! He will need time its clear he doesnt have control of all things football related. Look at the Ronaldo saga. GOOD LUCK Erik. I just 🙏🏾 he plays the youth. Those who want to play for the badge and build a Utd career..Its gonna be tough to crack the top 4 especially if we gift Chelsea Ronaldo.

  8. Anyone realize that this ETH era is the most defining of United's future as a club? if this works out, it could be a resurrection of the club, if not, that will be it. It would take decades after that to get back on top

  9. Ajax want to have the jackpot for Anthony,he is important for ajax it's not what you think his real value is,it's that ajax want a lot of money or let him stay at ajax

  10. Get Ronnie out, whatever it takes. Total legend, selfish, egotistical & brilliant.
    A has been though. Man U move on, never look back.
    Youth, plus seasoned intelligent, hungry players.
    Screw the past, let’s look forward. Back ETH 100%

  11. If ETH can make a player out of Maguire, he can win titles for sure. I would prefer that he didn't have to. But I would be pleased and amazed if he could.

  12. Feel a bit sorry for Maguire??? I believe he does the best he can do, but it's become clear that he is a liability in a back 4??? Moving him 15yds further forward in a high press is NOT going to help!!! If the majority of the fan base, don't rate him, they're probably right???

  13. United should put an £80M price tag on Ronaldo and then see what offers come in! Harry Maguire is not an established captain! To my knowledge he wasn’t captain at Leicester City, he is not England’s captain, he’s only United captain simply because United paid way over the odds for him and Ole felt pressured into making him captain! I personally believe the captaincy has been an extra burden on his shoulders, this probably would explain why he plays better for England without any extra burdens on his shoulder

  14. What I don't understand about the decision is that De Gea is right there, and them selling Dean Henderson makes me think De Gea is confirmed starter. He already should have been selected back when Maguire first got the captaincy, he has earned it after so many years.

  15. I’m sure ETH is being coy and diplomat when it comes to Maguire. Probably similar to Shaw, he’ll probably phase Harry out over this season, once he’s seen with his own eyes how sh*t he is.

  16. Sam i am happy to give Ten Hag my backing for now as i dont believe we know too much about him as yet. What ive seen so far i like. I still think hes been short changed so far in the transfer market and it looks like hes been told to work with what we had last season which doesnt bode well unless he can get a better tune out of them than the previous 2 managers?. Only time will tell.

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