Dürüst Oyun Fragmanları | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’ın İntikamı

En sevdiğiniz video oyunlarıyla ilgili GERÇEĞİ anlatan fragmanlar: bu hafta Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge!

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  1. "Changed almost nothing"?? Oh, heck no, they added SO much depth to it that wasn't there in the originals. It looks and feels like you remember the originals looking and feeling, but if you actually play them, they're so very different. The new one is leagues better.

  2. Okay I hope to play this game someday because although I barely played turtles in Time on the SNES quite some time ago, there is actually an arcade in my hometown that does have the turtles in Time arcade and I usually want to play it whenever I am in that arcade so yeah I think this new game would be pretty awesome to play

  3. Will freely admit that I was excited to see this game come out, and it cost me 4.50 to beat it as a kid, so I feel embarrassed that you said only 4 bucks.

  4. I played turtles in time back in the arcades. Now i got this day on day 1 to play with my kids and it was so much fun. Got a chance to be a turtle again and share the moment and all that nostalgia with my kids. Nothing beats that. 👌

  5. My big bro back in my hometown suddenly messaged me and invited me to the game over Steam. It was surprising how well we still remembered the boss names.

  6. The battle-toads remake is better than this in every way. More in depth combat, puzzles, crazy variety of mini games, and an actual challenge. I highly recommend it

  7. 0:45 I feel so triggered at the comment about being all alone in my room, nude and in Dorito dust…. Is Honest Trailer Guy spying on me? I mean those are Takis dust not Doritos…gonna spy, spy accurately 😀

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