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DOGECOIN’e Ne Oldu? Kripto Para Analizi

WallStreetBest ve Elon Musk katalizörlerinden sonra Dogecoin’e ne oldu? Dogecoin’e şimdi yatırım yapmalı mısınız? … ile ilgili herhangi bir yorumunuz veya sorunuz varsa.

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bubbinator88 31 Mart 2021
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Doge is going to Mars, not to be in comparison but take cardano for instance. It came out then spiked way over 1 dollar then came all the way back down to penny's 2/3cents stayed there for a bit now it's holding steady above a dollar. I dramatically regret not getting into it last year if I had I'd be sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars right now. My plan is to get to 150k doge then chill out and start investing info cardano. Either way doge has gained too much traction it's bitcoin 2.0 things are happening the same way they did to btc alot of people are scared of its potential.
joe blow 30 Mart 2021
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I think it will be in April When Elon makes it official he will accept DOGE COIN for TESLA payment DOGE will rocket to $5 then steadily climb to the thousands a coin What makes the coins value is the price that was last paid
peter hwang 29 Mart 2021
| | |
You can buy dogecoin from robinhood and binance as well. Perfect time to buy
Jose Cardona 29 Mart 2021
| | |
Amazing video. Dogecoin TO THE MOONNNNN AND BEYONDDD!!!!!!!
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