Cristiano Ronaldo olsaydım, Man United’dan da ayrılmak isterdim! – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

ESPN FC ekibi, Cristiano Ronaldo’nun Manchester United ile geleceğini ve bundan sonra nerede oynayabileceğini tartışıyor. Craig Burley de…

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  1. These people are wrong every year. I don’t understand where they get their confidence to speak for Red Devils. Again CR7 is and will stay at United atleast for this season. Doesn’t matter if it’s man city blue or Chelsea blue. All blue aspire to get him. 😂😂😂

  2. Going to PSG would tarnish his reputation. If it is really about the football, no superstar should ever go there. Its the most artificial collection of players ever. Its like the Vegas of a soccer team.

  3. It was a beautiful reunion but not the results from the team as a whole. Can’t blame CR for doing his job: scoring goals. He’s 37 man. Of course he’s slowed down and doesn’t run up the wing how he did 10 years ago. At the end of the day, still one of the top scorers in the league, one of the most consistent players, and the only one in the dressing room telling the rest of the squad they’re not good enough. Not to bash on the squad because they do have some great individuals but the system isn’t working. Not cuz of Ronaldo, cuz of Manchester United’s post Fergie return to normalcy. Before Fergie, Man Utd wasn’t even a household name. If you gotta blame anyone, blame the managers they’ve had since. Ole did some good things. Mou did as well. Van Gaal and Moyes were awful.

  4. No one who is a Utd fan can be pleased with the idea of Chelsea. However, Peter Smeckiel played for Manchester City 🏙️. Uugh. CR7 will not take tooo big a hit in the wallet to play for anyone. Too many tax problems. 💲🚽 . If Boley wants a player that help get those C. L. goals, then it's a good deal for both clubs. 😋🍺

  5. CR7 is a good signing for TT team and CFC…. He is a proven freaking goal scorer machine that CFC been lacking off last season… Come On Chelsea….

  6. So many excuses for this guy and none when Pogba had these same issues, do me a favor. This guy left almost every club he’s been to the same way

  7. The single most bizarre and false narrative around in football and especially the espn is City blowing the final to Chelsea.
    City did play without any DMs but they played with two in the FACup semi and we bossed them about.
    They played with one in the league a few days later and we came back and slapped them after half time.
    And Tuchel made Pep sweat and we slapped them in the final.
    No way did they lose that because Pep bottled it.

  8. It's great that ten haag has made the 5 rules more the merrier. You Guys are deluded if you think Ronaldo was anything but Fantastic for United …third highest goal scorer in the league behind Kane/Salah the worlds best player according to you lot…in the worst United team i have watched in over forty years…..Ronaldo has every right to leave a club with less ambition than he has at 37…. the other players should be copying what Ronaldo does not bitchin that they have to work for their 200,000 pounds a week and maybe drive home at 4.30 in the dark AWWW bless them….ask yourself this people how many clubs are beating the door down to BUY ANY of Uniteds Useless players this summer ANSWER NONE!!…..So go Ronaldo with my blessing you deserve better….This bunch of Wasters do not deserve to be in the same dressing room as you breathing the same air…

  9. I don't care where Ronaldo plays next season once it's not Manchester United get out please 🙏 ego manic the players are fed up playing to Ronald's strengths and rightly so

  10. Sir Alex's phone call to not go to City last year is why Cristiano went to Uhted.

    This is really Sir Alex's fault,
    he could have been at City winning trophies

    One wasted season

  11. im a united fan, and i dont blame CR7 one bit, he gave a 110% last season and maybe with the exception of 1 or 2 others were the only ones trying. Cr7 did the honourable thing last year, but he isnt Jesus Christ he cant bring back the club from it's lost path in his capacity at least, and now he needs to salvage the remaining years he has left before hanging up his boots as a professional player.

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