Cristiano Ronaldo gerçekten garip bir durumda! -Don Hutchison | ESPN FC

ESPN FC paneli, Thomas Tuchel’in Cristiano Ronaldo ile anlaşmayı reddetmesini tartışıyor. #ESPN #ESPNFC ✓ ESPN+’a abone olun: …

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  1. I can’t understand how pundits are saying Ronaldo is no good basically and none of the top want him. He is a goal scoring number 9. Enough said. Since when teams no longer want goals? Why did City buy Haaland? Because of the goals not because he presses

  2. Pulisic cuts the mustard they just needed to catch up maybe Pulisic will Leeds and they follow… CR7 helps any team score more often… I think the choice is more Renaldo's than anyone else's at this point… Man United will have to pick to either accommodate his desires or auction him off…

  3. Tuchel is still thinking his team is still at the level they were when they won the Champions league. At the moment Chelsea may not even be guaranteed top 4

  4. The amount of disrespect Ronaldo gets for getting 27 goal contributions in the worst united side probably ever in the hardest league in the world is a disgrace.

  5. I don’t know..I might be wrong… somehow the way this thing is spanning out, this whole Cristiano Ronaldo transfer thing sounds like a hoax to me. It’s more like just media creating fuss about it to deliberately arrive to a conclusion that nobody wants Cristiano. Good story for them. Especially English media has always been diabolical about Ronaldo.

  6. If Chelsea don't sign a clinical finisher forget City and Liverpool. Spurs and Arsenal will be their concern if last season went on a little longer Spurs and Arsenal would of most likely caught Chelsea

  7. Good if he leaves. It’s team that matters. Last season he achieved his goal but Manchester United didn’t. So what’s the point CR7 scoring. Better we have contributions as a team. ❤️

  8. When Messi and Ronaldo showed how football can be played people praised them so much and when they are at their career's end they are bullied they are told to be fading. The true colours of human beings. Show se respect and leave them play their career's end like they want. The pundits who speaks about them and the people who are already speaking do one thing rather speaking go and play in the field. I hope you can't as you don't have the guts of accepting what they did for the world. Blo*d* human beings

  9. Only united would pay £510k/week for a 37/38 year old. The disruption he bought to united was crazy, storming off like a baby, going AWOL, dividing the team etc etc.

  10. The problem with players of this caliber and their stardom is their wages.

    Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Lewandowski are on crazy wages, and there are really only a handful of clubs that would be able to afford them.

    Most of the clubs know that at this point of time, they are not a long term solution.

    Until the players can accept that they’re nowhere near as good as they were before, and demand less wage, (take Ibrahimovic as an example) it’s hard to accommodate them into 99% of the teams.

  11. I think it’s protecting players. Like Lebron. Not many people want to play with him because then your expected to ball out

  12. Football experts claiming that Ronaldo spoils team. He really is the most hated footballer ever, wherever he goes shows professionalism and trains hard and outperforms everyone but called out because his teammates aren't performing. I can't comprehend how anyone can make others play better! Team just didn't adjust to Ralf ragnick, his tactics. Don't put the blame on Ronaldo alone.

  13. Ronaldo is in denial:)) he still thinks he is hot property…..truth is no matter how much he works and takes care of himself….you cant turn back time…..he wants to leave united cause they dont have cl next season….well he was part of the team that didnt qualify so he is part of the problem no???? 18 goals in a season isnt that much while you have sancho fernandes etc as assisters.van nistelroy henry. Etc used to score 28 29 a season in the premiership

  14. CR7 is not finished and is still in the top 20 goal scorers across the globe. Used correctly, he would be the ultimate impact/game winning sub.

  15. The man wants to spend the last few years in Europe winning in the Champions league. It seems like a Portuguese league team is his best option now. If he waits for the January market, as Craig said, things change.

  16. United season 2020/21 = 121 goals
    United season 2021/22 with Ronaldo = 73 goals😂 Kick it to me , kick it to me..He gets some goals but the "TEAM" goes belly up…..

  17. Time for Ronaldo to hit the MLS or go back to Sporting!

    Oh, and take a massive pay cut! If he want silly money he should join the pooper league..i mean the Chinese Super League

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