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Chiliz Fiyat Tahmini – CHZ Fiyat Artışı Geliyor – Büyük Chiliz Potansiyel Fiyatı – Chiliz Karı

Chiliz için uzun vadeli bir gelecek görüyorum ve Chiliz Fiyat Potansiyeli ve CHZ Fiyat Potansiyeli yükselmeye devam edebilir. Chiliz Coin Fiyatı ve Chiliz Token Fiyatı ve ….

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clément Al turihi 19 Mart 2021
| | |
#Omi listed on Uniswap 24 March ! This #NFT for NFL card, Pokémon, Warner bros ,will explose !!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Asen Trichkov 18 Mart 2021
| | |
If price go to $20 mark it's should be 3rth largest crypto in the market, it's not look realistic..
Gary Preston 17 Mart 2021
| | |
Boundary optiois engulf two target prices- one above the current profits and one below. The difference between them, is the price channel. If the price of the asset hits either of these two price targets, you win and if it stays within the channel, you lose. It works better with expectations of sigrificant movement in the price of an asset which are predictable without flaws by Mr Chris Sain. If you still encounter losing streaks, then you should blame yourself only for not leaving your cave of self trade and bad predictions. Be sure of continuous winning streaks when you reach out to my trader Mr Chris Sain via WhatsApp + 1661-230-7692. he has nO egual, I trust him always
Rahul Ashra 17 Mart 2021
| | |
Can you do WAULT please. Really gd project and very very small still
Christian Santos 16 Mart 2021
| | |
correction first after a week of moon..then after pullback it will slowly go to a dollar
Damian Macalpine 16 Mart 2021
| | |
OMI. The Powerhouse will cast a shadow over every other NFT coin. INVESTIGATE and you can catch the monster wave you may have previously missed.
Yusuf Gillani 16 Mart 2021
| | |
Can you please do Bepro?
KRYPTO GOA 16 Mart 2021
| | |
2 - 3 dollers would be amazing :)
The Bizness 16 Mart 2021
| | |
This coin came up on my radar a couple weeks ago when I was looking for some new alt coins. I seen what it was about, involved in sports etc and I bought instantly. I’ve now 5x my investment and I’m holding on, waiting for dips and buying more because it’s going to be big!
Jestem Ol 16 Mart 2021
| | |
Paz Manian 15 Mart 2021
| | |
any football club is sitting there with zero fans in the stands and watching PSG, Juventus, Roma etc etc making millions with their Chiliz partnership while they are just sitting there not making an additional revenue stream...... ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME

Look at the Flow token

SAME SAME but different
Mathew McCaughan 15 Mart 2021
| | |
make a video on WCRU please, sec registered token, would love to hear your input.
Ryan Cervenak 15 Mart 2021
| | |
Please do chromia!
J 15 Mart 2021
| | |
Grt please graph it 📊
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