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Anne Miranda, Resident Evil Village’dan Önce Açıkladı – (Resident Evil 8’e Giden Yol)

Bu video, kötü bir köyün gizemli lideri Anne Miranda’yı konu alıyor. Genel amacını, karakter tasarımını ve …

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First name Last name 4 Mayıs 2021
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Christ enough with the spoilers. So much of this game has been ruined.
Nasim Acdnanovic 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
So simply rose is having in her tissues the only thing that could kill mother miranda which is Eviline tissue ...if we look back to who we killed jack backer then its crestal clear eviline tissue sample
Muhammad Azrul 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
“A Cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed.”

Mother Miranda is Natalia Korda.
RVS Satyaditya 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Spoilers: Eveline had infected mia in RE7 in a way that Mia never recovered even after the vaccine. She was subtle under Mia's skin until finally now she decided to have family with Mia's daughter rose in a village. Chris knew this fact and came back and killed mia saying I'm sorry Ethan only to find that she was not killed at all and has became mother Miranda of the entire village.
misc alotastuff 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Maybe other miranda is ethans mother.
Szymon Pakuła 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Przez całą serię gier Resident Evil spotykało się masę przeróżnych wykolejeńców i pojebów.
Jason Santillan 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Ozwell E Spencer's teacher Mother Miranda.
Plix Monks 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
i think the old woman is mother miranda just like in re7
DemiGod_Scrub 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
9:25 lil girl why are you quoting Kafka 😂😂?? Sus!

Alex Wesker did something Similar in REREV2.. But this feels way more like Osmund Saddler's influence.. How were these entities created? And what does it have to do with Umbrella and it's past.. And the The Corp "Connections" ?? That created Evelyn?? And Mia's baby?? Give me chills and thrills just thinking about it!! So many questions!!!! Im so hyped!!! You've been killing it with the uploads!!
Marcel lo 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
She is called Lady DimetrescU not DimetrescA. 😅
Neon Extract 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
I'm not going to give anything away bcs I dont want to ruin the game for anyone but I seen a RE8 leak and I seen alot of things I wish I hadn't seen. I always say I won't spoil a video game for myself but I always end up spoiling it lol
Jose Salvador Villa 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
With the upcoming game, it's impossible for me to see Chris as a powerless guy in a horror game. I can't not see him being cornered by the RE8 monsters because I knew what he is capable of. Do you guys remember RE 5/6 Chris? The muscle power he has...Not to mention his pent up rage he has because of witnessing Claire going through menopause and not being being able to find the perfect genes for the Redfield lineage in time. RIP Claire-Bear's virginity, never broken.
Jennifer Sun 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Good character design
quingina ka 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Mother Miranda reminds me of Edea Ultimecia from FFVIII
Maelle Saliou 4 Mayıs 2021
| | |
Maybe Mother Miranda is like the first Eveline type ever ? The one whom the connections tried to reproduce the abilities, but contrary to Eveline, it seems like Miranda managed to stop the accelerate aging, unless she's indeed the old Lady we saw at the beginning of the demo 😅
I just think the Mold didn't come from nowhere, that this "virus" is more ancient than we think, and that Miranda is probably one the oldest mutee from the Mold which the connections and Umbrella tried to take control of.
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